I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

I don’t bring up the omnipresent hivemind in every thread that one of the hive is buzzing around in. I only bring up the hive when I see hive behavior. I also don’t follow people around like a creepy internet stalker with the intent of dropping in completely unrelated information on consistent basis to generate snark or bait other posters.

Bullshit. Baiting other posters is all you do around here, asshole. I’ll save you the trouble and note my own potty-mouth so you don’t have to, once again, demonstrate your middleschool intellect.

He also whines about how mean liberals are and how we use bad words and STILL argues that people don’t have to read every thread or participate in every discussion and shouldn’t report people breaking rules.

octopus is a hypocritical snowflake.

It sounds like I’ve hit a sore spot. There are techniques that can help.

Communication in a forum designed to share ideas is not baiting just because one posts an idea not approved by the hive.

Say what? I never said people shouldn’t report rule breakers.

That’s good to know! No sore spot hit. Just explaining the difference between someone who needs help with obsession and someone who thinks hiveminditry is not so good.

Hey, guys? When you stop derailing the derailment, can ya’ do me next?

I wouldn’t do you with Octoputz’s dick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two Things:

First one - You’re a huge bitch.

Second - I reported you. Maybe HD did, maybe he didn’t, maybe others did too, but I sure as fuck reported your bitch-ass.

This sure got wierd in a hurry!

LOL, reported for what?

septimus’s post could result in harm to a li’l white snowflake.

Oh good god damn you fools are thick lmfao

Septipussy up there was crying about how HD reported him and got him in trouble. I dont know if HD did or did not do such a thing, but I sure as fuck reported the posts in question which caused a mod note and subsequent meltdown.

Feels damn good to know ive played a hand in this weenies meltdown :smiley:

You didn’t even answer the question, dipshit.

Reported for what?

Do you also think McVeigh’ act of terrorism was “not unreasonable”?

Mentioning somebody’s on his ignore list?

Not in this forum.

This post:


Which you can see the mod note here, and the back story that septipussy is not mentioning.


Dude was shitting in a Great Debates thread, derailing and making it about the posters in it instead of the topic of debate. And in my short time here have noticed him mention this same thing multiple times across multiple threads. He has an unhealthy fixation with it.

In the Pit you can talk about you’re ignore list. If I’m understanding the annoying one, he reported something in another forum which led to septimus’ mod note.

Holy shit Dude. You are the MAN! Got a mod to give a mod note to a poster on a message board.


Thanks :smiley:

But I didnt get the moderator to mod note septidouche, he did that all by himself by being a cunt :smiley: