I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

septimus, assuming this whole thing was not a joke, well-crafted as it would have to be because it’s hilarious)…

… while I applaud the sentiment, I have to say you might be going overboard. As much I dislike anybody quoting Hurryup Doofus’ posts in GD or Elections, and as much as I implore them to Ignore-List him (BTW. … bobot: good for you!) I think sending everybody who so much as mentions his name to Gitmo is going a little extreme.

There is the Brink of Madness. And then there is The Abyss. Take a couple of steps back, homey.


You won’t.

And oh, fuck right off, you petulant brat.



Did Sammy Davis Jr. show up? :cool:

I’m not sure what your confusion is. I’m also on notice that one more Warning makes me BANNED.

I didn’t mention his name.

That sound like a personal issue.

While we’re on this detour, here’s the complete context of the warning. Septimus is the brand new owner of a topic ban.

Time to step away from the keyboard and cool off. You’re going to injure yourself trying not to say the Magic Words.

I see. That warning was not an entirely unreasonably response to **Septimus’ **actions. (Reviewing again, I see he didn’t get an actual warning, but warned that me might in the future)

Worse. Aubrey Woods.

Is being BANNED worse than being banned? Asking posters in general, since I’ve (weeping) been kicked to the curb by Septimus.

You’re not ignoring people for mentioning McVeigh. :wink:

I am sure that he is utterly devistated by the loss, Hurricane Ditka–I mean septimus. (I always get you two confused.)

So coming here and throwing seven kitten fits in a row in a thread ALL ABOUT THAT GUY is a better solution than just showing some self-control? Or you could still have done your nuclear option quietly and wouldn’t have had people in this thread making fun of you and saying his name just to set you off. I’m suspecting there’s a martyr complex at work here.

OSHA says:

When bearing your cross, always lift with the knees.

As we all move inland, tropical storm (formerly hurricane) Ditka continues to bring flooding rainfall and gusts up to 60mph…

How do you like your new HurryCane, Ditka?

Septimus, I think the mods will give people “posting sabbaticals” sometimes. It’s basically a suspension that you ask for yourself, and it doesn’t count towards a ban. It’s for people who really need to take a break from the boards, but don’t trust themselves not to compulsively post. You might want to ask for one, cause, man, your new policy is nuts. A break would do you good.

If a mod would confirm whether or not that’s an option, that would be great.

Maybe it would help what’s left of your sanity to work on tackling this OCD. There are techniques that can help.

As an important aside: Take note of this exchange when what’s left of your functioning brain cells shorts out again and begins regurgitating the hive mind bullshit.