I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Wow. This thread took an odd turn.

Perhaps a nice liedown and a day or two away from the messageboard would help, septimus?

How unbelievably ridiculous. Really? I can affirm nobody else dabbles in this knuckleheaded absurdity.

You know, writing HD instead of herricaneDitka is the same as saying “GD” instead of god damn. You are still thinking it.

Sorry. Mea culpa. I’ve dis-Ignored you.

Another name on the Ignored list didn’t mention HD’s name, but did insult me as if asking to be Ignored.

In future, I will ignore mentions of HD in this thread, and possibly in BBQ Pit threads generally.

As I say, I’m not acting out of spite or malice. I want to minimize the chance that I will get BANNED by responding to post(s) about HD.

I hope that one of the newly-ignored will send me a PM. I’m curious if I’ll see it.

Am I ignored? Nevermind, you can’t see that. Possibly.

Be a man and don’t respond. How’s that for a solution?

Thanks, manson1972.

Well, if anyone needs me, I’ll be on the veranda, since septimus is already on the cross.

I don’t know if it worked. I might be on the Ignore list.

Hey, can someone ask Septimus if he got my message about kaylasdad99?

I’m pretty sure that that is generally frowned upon by mods.

Is it the same as saying GD instead of Great Debates?

Nah, he told me I was off the hook.

I wonder why you didn’t see that post (he asked, innocently).

Oh yeah, now I see it. Putting people on ignore would just lesson my chances of laughing at their posts.

I have to admit, this thread is a lot more fun, now that it’s the septimus show. :smiley: FTR, I’ve had Lord Voldemort on Ignore for a couple of years, if I’m not mistaken.

You mean LV?

No, I mean HurricaneDi— hey, WAITAMINUTE!



If you can get Septimus to say his name backwards, you will erase his ignore list.

Also noticed the guy has started 14 pit threads in the past year, with 4 of them currently on-going. Anger issues, much, Septi?


Hey, Ditka, sorry Septi had to hijack your Pit thread.