I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

This post is about the Tim McVeigh fan, Nasty Sealion, aka HD, aka He-who-shouldnt-be-named. His first name is a word meaning Atlantic Ocean cyclone. His last name is that of a famous football coach. The reason I don’t write his name in full will be clear.

Several in this thread have made the suggestion that we just ignore this nasty oaf. After he went whining to the Mods again about my latest mention(*) of him, I’ve decided to act to prevent his name coming to my eyes again.

    • HD, recall, is the same asshole who condemns the petite Yvette Falarca for pushing a big strong Nazi with her bare hands, while judging that Tim McVeigh’s massacre of hundreds of Americans was ¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿. (I am forbidden to repeat that ordinary phrase at SDMB.)

I choose not to look at his name ever again. If you want to comment on him, I ask that you use a euphemism, e.g. HD or The-Asshole-who-shouldnt-be-named. On or after this date if I see any post that contains his name (whether full, first or last), **The poster who allowed HD’s name to appear will also be placed on my Ignore list. **

If you must quote one of his posts, and you want me to place you on my Ignore list, no action is required. If/when I see that post, you will be placed on Ignore. If you don’t want to be Ignored, go into the generated script and replace his full name with “HD” or a “.”. (If you post in a thread started by HD, no action is required — I never read such threads.)

I do not know whether the Board’s software allows me to exchange PMs with someone on my Ignore list. I will post additions to my Ignore list in this thread. If you see your name as Ignored here, promise to stop quoting HD posts, and want me to read your posts, PM me (if allowed) and I will take you off the Ignore list.


I mean, guy: it’s a message board. If you don’t want to participate, then leave. Or get over yourself.

Here: Hurricane Ditka

Have at it. :rolleyes:

Man, I thought putting someone on my ignore list for the first time was an extreme measure.
Update: It’s been working out well so far!

Oh, for fuck’s sake, what childishness.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee…I mean HurricaneDitka. There, I said it.

What are you? Five years old?

Way to make the thread about you, my friend. Quick question: how does it advance your purpose of never seeing his name again, if you intend to open THIS THREAD, THE TITLE OF WHICH BEARS HIS NAME every time you want to notify the world of the expansions to your Ignore list? You DO realize that any time you post to it, this thread hops to the top of the menu, right?


I can still see Septimus.

I have no idea if I’ve ever been ignored before… as the person being ignored, am I still able to see my ignorant’s posts?

Arrogant little fucker, aren’t you?

What if the words just accidently line up to form his name? Something like:

“The legendary coach said the wind was like a hurricane. Ditka also said he saw a lot of debris flying around”

Would THAT get me placed on ignore?

You will have no way of knowing if you’re on someone’s Ignore list unless they broadcast that fact in the Pit. So the software does not automatically reciprocate septimus’s action, and he’ll show up for you unless you reciprocate manually.

Working fast! I am now Ignoring the following posters:
Too bad about kaylasdad99, whose posts were generally intelligent and good-spirited, but it seems he wants me to Ignore him, so I oblige.

No. I thought of mentioning this explicitly, but it seemed unnecessary.


Fuck you, Hurricane Ditka. You are an asshole.
What happens with that one?

Would somebody do me a solid and ask him where in my post I mentioned the guy’s name?

AFAICT, septimus has ignored several posters who didn’t actually violate his rule. But if your intention, septimus, was to get lots of attention in this thread, then well done, for you appear to have succeeded.

Perhaps you should make your very own thread for this side discussion, since this one is about pointing out shitty posts from HD? Just a recommendation.

Gonna have to make it a habit to respond to Septimus specifically.

Hey Septimus, kaylasdad99 wants to know where he mentioned Hurricaneditka’s name.


Might start a sock named “Hurricaned Itka”, come to think about it…



Just to be clear:

In a recent GD thread, someone listed HD as a “moderate.” I responded by posting a link to one of the Sealion’s posts and then was warned that just quoting HD and asking if his own words seemed “moderate” was unacceptable. I am on notice that if I do so again I am likely to be BANNED.

Avoiding new mentions of the insipid HD is for my self-protection: I’d prefer not to be BANNED.