I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

This is what HD LIVES for- goading someone else into a warning. I say don’t play in his sandbox, you never know what you’ll step in.

So the moderators are now threatening to give asshole trolls exactly what they want, unless people stop getting baited by the trolls.

Here’s a radical thought: BAN THE FUCKING TROLL, and let the rest of us have a reasonable discussion.

I think the mods have been watching too much Trump “diplomacy”.

Here’s another radical thought: Put the Fucking Troll on Ignore, like I’ve told you guys for months! This is the stuff he lives for: goading people into getting warned/banned and closing threads. I know you dislike ignoring guys like HD because Bad Ideas Need to Be Engaged.

No, he doesn’t. Ignore him. Otherwise, you play right into his hands. And I know you’re smarter than him.

I’m going to give your advice a try. This will be the first time I’ve used that feature. If I don’t post in this thread again, that will probably mean that your advice stuck.

No, don’t put him on ignore. Report all his sealioning shit as ignoring Bone’s instructions to stop sealioning.

I’ve just done it. (I am curious to see if I like it. If I undo it, I’ll be sure to complain about that useless fuck HD here again.)

Is there any case history of trolls going away after being ignored?

NB: Bone’s instructions only apply to Elections & GD.

If you can keep yourself from being dragged down sidetracks, and only focus on substantive parts of a post (which often means ignoring entire posts), then the bad ideas can be engaged constructively.

He’s not the only troll in the world, and many of them you cannot ignore. Developing and practicing techniques for combating that sort of “debate” has a value in and of itself.

Also, is there any case history suggesting that the number of people reporting a post has any influence over the likelihood that the mods will take action? (Serious question) I mean, I’m happy to report every single fucked up thing HD says (well, I have him on ignore, but I still “get” to see most of his most inflammatory posts) courtesy of other folds quoting him) if it will help hasten his banning, but that would take a lot of my time! And I wonder if after a certain point the mods would just get annoyed with it, so it would be counterproductive.

TPTB are on record as not minding multiple reports. IIRC, they encourage multiple reports.

In this case, multiple Dopers reporting posts would increase the chances of Bone seeing one rather than Jonathan, who seems to be unaware of Bone’s instructions.

We REALLY need a Tachy Goes to Coventry option on this board…

HD decides to “take a break” from the impeachment inquiry thread. https://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=21922277&postcount=35

Good! I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he takes a break on the same day that the WH admits to the quid pro quo and decides to (even more!) openly violate emoluments and directly profit from the presidency.

Sometimes it gets really hard to defend wrongdoing and even the best at it have to give up at some point. HD waves white flag

Gutless yellow-bellied coward HurricaneDitka on what he’d “sacrifice” for a threat to the country:

War bonds. That’s really what he said. What a pathetic, cowardly little man.

“War Bonds Ditka”

I had the impression HD was much older than a millennial. Which means he’s actually an even bigger asshole than I had previously thought. And that is good news, because it proves I have not lost my capacity for surprise.


Huh? :confused:

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

It appears Blowhard Dipshit thinks they’re a threat.

Well I for one would go enlist if it meant protecting our nation’s airports from the Hessians.