I forgot how awesome video stores are

I haven’t rented a movie from a video store in close to a decade. Most of the ones I knew when I was growing up are gone.

I have been using streaming sites, redbox and the local library to get movies. There were some movies that came out in 2015 I was wanting to see lately. None of the streaming sites have them (unless I wanted to pay $5 or so each). The library would take a week or two to get a copy transferred from another branch. Redbox didn’t carry them.

So I remember family video is barely a mile from my apartment. I go over there and they have both movies for 1 total for 2, five days. Both in blu ray and DVD. But as a new member I get half price, so I got both on Blu ray for .50 & tax.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a commercial for family video. But damn. I’ve been to this store before but I haven’t rented a video from them in years.

I’m surprised you can find one. Almost every single video store in the Boston area (outside of those catering to foreign languages) are gone. I’ve watched a few feebly try to remain in business, but eventually flicker out. There are a very few in the Greater Boston area.

They are most concentrated in the Midwest, I believe, but Family Video is hanging on surprisingly well. We have one in my town, and it always seems to have plenty of customers whenever I drive past. While all the Blockbusters vanished long ago, Family Video is still there and appears to be thriving.

They also have a pizza place right next door (that’s part of their strategy, I think), so you can get pizza and a movie for the evening in one stop.

I once read family video has actually been expanding while others like blockbuster, Hollywood video, movie gallery, plus all the local stores have all shut down. I guess they found a way to keep going. All of them seem to have a restaurant next door too, maybe that is part of the appeal. Around here it is usually pizza or Asian food next door.

It does seem to be the only actual video store left around me. I remember college just a decade ago and video stores were everywhere.

I checked several months ago and there is no video store remotely near us. And this is a fairly densely populated region.

There are no FVs in the city of Chicago. A few in the suburbs, though, but that’s too far of a drive for me. I can’t think of any other video stores still in existence, other than the Red Box.

I wonder if Family Video makes a point of locating in places with poor high-speed internet options.

Aside from it, Redbox is one of the very few places where you can rent DVDs and they mostly have the newer titles. When I’ve been looking for older titles, I sometimes find the easiest thing to do is to buy the DVD from Amazon, even if it’s used.

I’ve got 25mbps. I can get higher but never saw the point. I once signed up for a deal offering 75mbps but I’ve rarely if ever used it. I’d be fine with 5mbps. Also all the family videos I’ve seen are in cities with at least 20k people so they should have broadband access.

Pawn shops are also a great source for used DVDs. Many only charge $2 each.

Family Video rocks and I’m lucky to have one less than a mile from home. They have a ton of kid’s movies for free and a ton of family movies for a buck. I’m sure they use those to draw people in who then grab a new release to watch after the kiddos go to bed.

Been a long time since I went to one. But I think I will, one of the best ones I know just shut down in Toronto.

On a similar note, recently went to a music store selling mainly CDs. Seven floor Tower Records. I’d forgotten how nice it is to go to a physical store that has a great selection of obscure music. The few small stores left in my hometown necessarily have a restricted supply – the one box “jazz section”, etc. Now HMV Canada is closing there will be even less.

I am not sure this is the case. In our town just south of Kansas City, we have at least one FV, and our suburb and surrounding suburbs have Google Fiber.

Family Video is going to go broke with that kind of pricing.

Not even a stop. If you know what movie you want and they have it available, they’ll deliver it with your pizza (assuming it’s a Marcos Pizza, they own it).

Part of the Family Video business model is to own the land they’re on (or strip mall they’re in), including leasing property to other businesses. I guess this helps them weather fluctuation in the market since they’re not paying a lease and get additional income from other renters. They’ve diversified into fitness centers and cellphone repair as well so I guess they’re not banking on movie rentals lasting forever.

There’s still a Blockbuster in Anchorage, AK.

Yet they’ve managed to outlast Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, etc. Like I said, the stuff for kids probably helps get people in the door and then adult movies are still a buck or two for regular stuff and maybe $3-$4 for new releases. The OP got a new member promotion and I think that lasts a couple weeks or a month There are always people in my local store so I don’t see them going out of business anytime soon.

There’s an FV here in Topeka, with a Marco’s next door. I’ve never been in there, maybe I should check it out. I must say our library has a splendid video collection, and there’s a store called Vintage Stock that has new and old movies and TV shows.

Yeah I got a new member promotion. Still, full price for the videos I got is 2 videos for $1, and you get them for five nights. So that is still not something they’d make much money on. I remember 25 years ago, it cost $2 for one movie for 1 night at most video stores.

Plus porn is free now, so I don’t know how much appeal their adult section has.