I found a dead blue bird in my front yard: Bad omen?

Went to the dentist today and in my front yard was a dead bluebird.

I haven’t ever seen a blue bird in the wild until this year - and now I’ve seen two: both dead…

This can’t bode well.

Unfortunately blue birds are often victims to a lot of non-native bird species that attack both the adult blue birds and their young. It’s really very sad since they are such beautiful birds.
If you want to try to see more blue birds, you could try putting a bluebird nestbox on your property or offering meal worms at a bird feeder. The efforts people have made to try to provide nesting areas to bluebirds have been helping the population come back a bit in recent years. There is a lot of info on bluebird conservation here: http://www.nabluebirdsociety.org/gettingstarted.htm

If you get a pellet gun and kill all of the Mockingbirds on your property, the rest of the Bluebirds should be safe and your luck will definitely change.

It’s certainly a bad omen for bluebirds.

Shakes fists at GuanoLad

I was just about to post that!

Is it a blue bird or a bluebird? Just wondering. I’d only worry if it were a blue jay, as they are of the corvidae family and could be a vector for the West Nile virus.

It was a bluebird. Had it been a blue jay I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, as they are not, to my knowledge, associated with happiness, and their death on my front lawn would not seem to be a bad omen.

Keep your eye out for the Chicken of Depression.

Well, they’re lovely birds, but omens they are not. “Bluebird of Happiness” is just a treacly song. My husband’s grandmother loved it, so he plays it over and over again in his car. That bluebird does not make me happy. </drift>

I had an uncomfortable day last week when I discovered that a baby robin had flown into the house.

I managed to show it the way out, and this time of year we have hosted temporarily any number of baby birds big enough to come out of the nest but too stupid to avoid cats, or not big enough to not fall into the garden. But doves, crows, and so on just don’t have the omenic punch of a robin in the house.

Still, nobody dead yet. My husband has been teasing me ever since, but I can’t help it.

If you touched it, I see Bird Flu in your future.

Wow I haven’t heard this since I was a little. Definately a dead blue bird is a very bad omen. But some quick online research indicates you can counter-act this bad omen with good omens. Rabbits foots or sleeping on sheets that haven’t been ironed should counter act this according to Google :slight_smile:

If a bird flies into your house that means death will follow. An owl that nests in your house is a sign of bad luck. Owls are OK if they are elsewhere on your property like the barn or a tree, but a sign of awful things if they are nesting on your house somewhere.

I must be one lucky sumbitch! I never ever iron sheets. :slight_smile: