I found a five-leafed clover yesterday

They don’t come much more mundainer or pointlesser than this, but I’m having an unusually lush growth of clover in my [del]weed patch[/del] front yard this season.

Yesterday morning I looked down at it and found what I thought was a four-leafed clover. I’ll confess I’m a bit superstitious, and I was feeling bummed out and in the mood for a little good luck. I picked it, and once I got a better look I saw there was an additional leaflet joined on just below one of the top four.

I’ve read that clover can have up to 8 leaflets but I had never seen one with more than four in person. It’s all dried out and pathetic looking today, but I’ll probably press it in a book or something just for the “hey cool” factor.

Sorry but mehhhhh I found a bunch…shit happens.

Good Luck :>)


When I was a kid, I spent hours searching for them in our yard. One time I hit the motherlode: a patch of clover with literally dozens of four-leaf-clovers in it. I found several five-leafs, and even one seven-leaf. I thought it was just about the coolest thing in the world.

One summer I found a patch in our front yard with lots of four and five leafers. I think I found like 5 five leaf clovers and over 20 four leaf.

Then someone came and dumped five cords of wood on it.

That’s EXTRA bad luck! :eek:

Sorry to tell you this, but last night I went into your back yard and glued two clover leafs to three leaf clovers in your yard. Sorry, but you fell for it :slight_smile:

Well, that explains why I also found Markxxx stuck in a puddle of Krazy Glue in the middle of the yard :smiley:

Tomorrow I know I’ll be checking to see if there are any more mutant clovers lurking in the same patch.

…do you live near a nuclear power plant by chance?

Seriously, I didn’t know there were such things as 5+ leaf clovers. I would have thought it a mutant or something.

You don’t live in Japan, do you?

<ducks and runs>

Nope, although it could be fallout from the neighbor’s grill (they never clean the damn thing the right way and it reeks whenever they fire it up)

On my way out this morning I looked in the same spot and found two four-leaf and another five-leaf. The whole patch must have sprung up from a mutant seed or something.