I found a kitten!

…and if you remember me at all, you may recall that I’ve had previous kitten experience! but…not like this. The last kitten I had I raised after she was orphaned at one day old. She was great - she still is! - but once she was weaned and spayed, she went to live with my daughter, who dotes on her. For myself, I decided I was done and once my old cat Froggy passed (and she’s still going strong!), I wouldn’t be getting any more cats. I’m too selfish, I’m too broke, I’m…well, I’m just too old to invest myself in pets anymore…I’d just stick with my dog until he was done too…or I was…whichever came first!

but I like my dog and I take him for a walk every day, rain or shine - we both enjoy our daily walk. walk. singular. I walk him every evening. I never walk him in the morning - I’m just not a morning person! but for god knows what reason, today I decided to take him for a morning walk. I don’t know why - it just seemed liked the thing to do. so we walked about a mile, and it was a very gray and damp day with a misty rain falling. but in spite of the inclement weather, I felt motivated enough to walk a little further than usual. we walked two miles. and when we finally decided to turn around and bring our damp cold selves back home…well, you can probably figure it out.

we were close to home when Markie took a sudden and intense interest in a bush at the side of the road. he’s a dog - so its not unusual for his interest to be piqued - usually scents or trash or even just grass (yes, sometimes he likes to graze!) but this time, no matter how much I pulled on his leash and tried to drag him away - he dug in his little dog heels and refused to budge!

finally, I gave up trying to pull him away from his interest and decided to just check things out and see what he was so interested in. I was amazed when I pulled aside the bushes and found a tiny kitten crouched in the undergrowth!

what could I do? what could I do??? it was cold, it was wet, it was ten feet away from the road! I looked around and found no sign of a momma cat or any nest of kittens. meanwhile Markie is so excited, he’s twirling around and getting all entangled in his own leash - have I mentioned that Markie loves cats and thinks that they all want to play with him? (yeah, he’s usually wrong about that…)

so I untangled Markie, scooped up the kitten and we came home.

so, now I have a kitten. dammit. the real irony here, is that - it’s a tortie kitten! I’ve always thought torties were really homely cats and I have never liked that color pattern - if there’s one thing I knew for sure, its that I would never be tempted to adopt a tortie - yeah, I’m racist that way, lol.

but…I have to say…for a tortie, she’s really cute! :stuck_out_tongue: little white paws and white undercarriage - not enough white to call her a calico, though!

dammit. now what?

Now you take pictures post links!

Oh, also feeding and vet trips, but I figure you already have that planned.

Well done, and thanks for saving the kitty.

Yeah, you’ve been here long enough to know the deal.

Pics, or it didn’t happen.


That kitten must have had a deal with Markie. You think you found her, but they both fooled you. You now have another slave-owner.

well…yeah…I may have forgotten to mention in my OP - my camera gave up the ghost a while ago. and although I can still take pics on my cell, I no longer have the connection to enable me to post cell phone pics. I am bummed. Up til now it didn’t seem that big a deal, but now…well, what do I need to do that? When I was raising Banshee, my brother lived with me, and he sort of provided me with the attachments(?) that I needed to xfer pics but he doesn’t live here now, so I guess I’ll have to check with him to see what I need to do this…

can you just take my word for it that she’s cute??? :smiley:

Her name is Splotch, right?

Congrats, you have a new Overlord.

Actually, I’ve been calling her ‘Money’ - because I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s going to cost me and also - I looked up ‘tortoiseshell cats’ on Wiki and they said, they are reputed to bring good luck and sometimes called ‘money cats’! yay, me! :smiley:

Love her fine and proper, for sure.

That’s so sweet! Please give Markie a big hug for me! :slight_smile:

Hmm! Raggedy Anne has been holding out on me for 17 years. I wonder where she’s stashing the dough?

you just don’t have the right frame of mind, dude! I’m expecting my check in the mail tomorrow - I love Money! :smiley:

My favorites are torties! I’ve had four over the years (still have one now).

I’m so glad you and Markie found her. It breaks my heart that people throw away animals. But she is now all safe and warm and I hope she’ll let Markie play with her when she gets bigger. He deserves it!

I’m very happy for you-- actually, both of you. :slight_smile: I acquired a kitten in a similar fashion about a year and a half ago. I love her to pieces. She’s curled up in the middle of the dog bed right now. She often displaces the two doggies that way.

Many years ago, I had a tortoiseshell cat that I called “Turtle.” Clever, eh?

You take care of that kitty… :slight_smile: [tearing up]

kitty was found on 11/22 - her vet visit was on 12/3, and at that time the vet estimated her age as six weeks! :eek: she was healthy, albeit a bit wormy. this is her first pic, about a week after I found her…



so far, so good…her name is ‘Echo’ ('cuz she’s giving me flashbacks to raising little Banshee…)

Aaawwww. Cute baby!

Beautiful kitten!


Echoes Seanette Awwwww!!!

She’s going to be a real stunner when she grows up.

Only a strong man can handle that level of cute.

I am not a strong man. goes into convulsions