I found a skull. How do i clean it?

I found this cute little skull the other day. Well, actually, it’s kinda ugly with these wicked teeth (i’m pretty sure it was a Fisher) but i’d like to keep it around for-with to stage Hamlet when ever i get the urge.

Anyway, i’ve had it soaking for 2 days now, 1 day in alcahol and water and 1 day in weak bleach and water mixture. Although most of the flesh - lord this is gross- that was there when i found it is gone there are still some little bits of tissue i can’t seem to get off with a toothbrush (my brother’ll never be the wiser) and the jaw mussles are pretty solid.

I don’t really want to take anything harder like an SOS pad to it because i’m scared it will scratch and I’m not sure if i should stick it in some more bleach as there are alredy some spots that are lookin kinda thinned and a couple pin holes that wern’t there before. What else can i try?

It’s probably a good thing that i’m new at this, but i am pretty clueless.

Dude, aren’t you worried that the skull might have come from a guy who was murdered in the area? If it’s a human skull, why in the name of holy hell didn’t you call it into the cops BEFORE you chucked it into your trunk and took it home like a fifth grader with a hockey trophy?

Yup, it’s that simple. Just bring the water to a gentle boil, insert the skull and come back in a couple of hours. Use a large pot so that you don’t boil off all of the water, and a boiling bag so you don’t accidentally lose small parts is probably a good idea, too.

Oh, and don’t use a regular toothbrush. Go to a carparts or gun store. Get a nylon bristled brush set, probably set ya back about $5 or so. You’ll get some smaller brushes and be able to reach all of the little spots that held soft tissues.

Once the skull’s clean, a clearcoat lacquer will strengthen the bone and help prevent oxidation. It will change the texture just a little bit, and if you use too much it’ll be shiny, but it’s well worth the trade, IMHO.

Fisher Skull.

I don’t believe he is referring to a human skull.

But if he is…this is the worst troll I have ever seen.

Them Fishers musta been some ugly folk. Bet they’re kin to the Garrisons.

I would like to make it very very VERY clear that is is NOT A HUMAN SKULL

And while were at it, why the hell would that be the first conclusion you come to?? Especally after the thing about the teeth, i mean my god man.
Anyway, i’d like to thank handandahalf for the advise. I was thinking about boiling it but then i though “nah, that just seems weird”. Nice to know i can be weird AND right. Thank you very much!

Larry thanks for the picture. The first one i found was at skullsunlimited.com and it fit pretty well exactly, as did yours, though mine doesn’t have that ridge on it’s head. I think it got pretty banged around by what ever took it out, all i found was his skull and one bone and the skull has some fairly hefty damage.

Once again, may i point out that it is NOT A HUMAN SKULL and suggest that Daowajan seeks help and a nice cup of tea.

ahem that this is not…

Carry on.

Er, Upham, maybe they got the idea you meant a human skull because you mentioned staging Hamlet with it. The skull in Hamlet is a human skull, not a Fisher skull. Actually, it’s a Yorick skull, I believe.

You obviously ain’t met the Garrisons.

Anybody seen my buddy Jack Fisher? I haven’t seen him since I told him to go soak his head last week.

Yorick also happens to be my skull’s name racinchikki (he seems to like it, come to think of it, he’s always smilin’ no matter what)

Sofa nope, but unless they’re tree dwelling, procupine eaters and closely related to the weasel and wolverine then… actually, wait, i know folks like that too…

I thought you meant a fisherman’s skull. Apart from the fact that I’ve never heard of a Fisher, the OP doesn’t exactly make it clear that it’s an animal skull. After all, humans have nasty teeth too.

Enlightenment for Daowajan

In a word: antpile. Let the ants pick it clean.

I’d soak it in pure water first to leach out most of the bleach. Then again, they might be willing eat it bleach and all.

I suppose the really scary part is that this has been asked before.

Don’t worry about it Dow, but for future reference i carry my human skulls home like a sixthgrader with a hockey trophy.

cornflakes all the ants up my way are frozen right now, but thanks for the info. I’ll definatly soak the bleach out anyway, having checked some sights it seems to be a bad thing to use

Gaspode i guess i should have searched first… just didn’t strike me as something a lot of people would have a question on…

mmmmmmm brains…

Wow that thing has some mean teeth. What is it? A wolverine-type thing? Darwin’s Finch’s link didn’t work…

Well, twice actually.