I found a wonderful cheese today...

Yesterday, I went to an organic produce market that a local college hosts. I wandered around, picking up the usual onions, green beans, new potatoes, squash, tomatoes and peppers.

I saw that they also had meat (hormone free), and I purchased a huge beef round steak and a very nice sized chicken.

As I wandered along, I saw that they also had cheese. They had many different kinds available, and I was compelled (just because it LOOKED so good) to buy a big hunk of Havarti, a big hunk of white Colby (aged 60+ days), and a huge chunk of Gouda.

I don’t profess to be a cheese aficionado, but the Gouda cheese is absolutely WONDERFUL! It has the melt-in-your-mouth softness, the texture is very creamy, and the flavor is nothing short of lovely! The best I’ve ever had, actually.
The Colby is just as good, very smooth, with more ‘bite’ than the cheese you get in the grocery store.
The Havarti was excellent, also. It is very creamy and the flavor rivals that of anything you can find in the store.
The labels say these are ‘Natural Raw Milk Farmstead Cheese’. Unpasteurized.

I have found a new place to get ALL my cheeses, and that makes me VERY happy! I’ll have to stock up, because they close in the fall, and I WILL have to have a selection of cheeses to last through the winter!

Cheese is a wonderful thing. I just had to share.

Try the Parano. It’s lovely. It’ll be your favourite. I promise.


I’ll do that! Thanks for the suggestion. If it’s as good as the rest, it’ll be another favorite. :smiley:

I went back and found some Parano! They only had 2 chunks left, so I bought both. :stuck_out_tongue:
When I got home, I had to try it. It is delicious! It tastes like a cross between Gouda and sort of like Parmesan. It’s creamy and VERY tasty! I must thank you again, QuickSilver! This may just be my new favorite, just like you said! :smiley:

Gouda is Gooda!!


Welcome to the world of Artisan cheeses!

Where were they made?

Mmmmm parmesan. Nobody else in the house likes it (they say it stinks). So, I never have to share! Yippy! Sharp provolone is good too, goes great with a chunk of pepperoni.

For sprinkling on spaghetti or grilled chicken, I’m fond of the Peccorino Romano blend. For appetizers, Manchego and a good bleu are indespensable in our home.


Creamy yet crumbly texture, strong “Pungent” odour (okay, okay, i admit it, it’s stinky) and riddled with blue veins (yes, yes, it’s really mold… Penicillum Roquefort to be exact), but oh so delicious

stinky, moldy cheese, just the way Og intended it to be :wink:

xbuckeye- The cheeses are all made at Meadow Valley Farm, in Rockville, Indiana. They are all unpasteurized. All the varieties that I’ve purchaced are fantastic!

They say there IS that risk of Salmonella with the unpasteurized cheeses, but I don’t worry about that. The taste well outweighs the risk!

Er…make that ‘purchased’. Jeez… :smack:

Glad to be of service. :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried Jarlsberg? Another favourite of mine. Nutty and smooth with a bit of bite at the end. Avoid the Lite variety.

I can’t believe nobody’s beat me to it… to obvious, maybe…