I found an energy drink that doesn't taste like the medicine-y slightly nasty stuff

It’s called Bawls. Only some 711s have it.


Bawls is indeed pretty good. The first time I had it was at the PrideFest last June. The vendor selling it was calling out “wanna try my Bawls!” as hot guys walked by.

Not an energy drink, but that Aquafina FlavourSplash is pretty good. I like the raspberry one a lot.

A few years back Reebok tried the flavoured water thing. I tried every flavour and they all tasted like children’s liquid Tempera with crushed aspirin mixed in for that extra bitter kick.

I should have known better than to get a drink made by the same guys who make sneakers.

I’m rather fond of AMP with a Dew chaser myself. Or Red Bull and vodka, which.

Budweiser made, for at least a short while, an energy drink/beer product called “B[sup]e[/sup].” Predictably, it was horrible–I tried it on vacation when I was desperate for a beer and nothing else was immediately available.

I can’t find any reference to it on their Web site; I imagine public response was so negative that they’re just pretending it never happened.

B-to-the-E. It’s on the Anheuser-Busch parent website, not on Budweiser’s.

Mmm. Energy drinks. This year I’m trying hard to limit my caffiene intake to what can be consumed through regular coffee (albeit obscenely strong coffee) and Walmart brand Mountain Dew, as it’s so much cheaper.

But…mmmmm…Bawls. I get happy chills down my spine just thinking about that blue glass bottle…

Also, I recently discovered another excellent energy drink that tasted similar to Bawls, I believe, but a bit less sweet. I’ll have to ask the friend who introduced me to it what it was called. (also, I could be wrong about the flavor, because after a few sips it was mixed with cheap-yet-potent vodka, so the flavor wasn’t much the point.)

I’ve had Red Bull, and I’ve had Bawls.

I would drink Bawls again, but not red bull.

Was it Gay Fuel?