wow...wish I hadn't done that

So I had a Red Bull sittin’ in my fridge. I went to bed late last night, got up early today, and will be up late tonight. Seeing as I still had class to go to, I decided to drink my redbull.
Curious as to what red bull looked like, I decided to pour it into my new mug I got today (I voted in class elcetions today and got a mug.)
Well, I was expecting it to be red…it’s not. It’s a nice shade of piss. Yup. My Red Bull looks just like someone unloaded their bladder in my mug. I don’t know if I can finish it now.

That’s funny, my piss looks like Red Bull.

Do you drink beer? The same color applies, it even has foam!

Forget how it looks. It tastes like somebody ground up orange Smarties (the American sugar-disk kind), mixed it with chalk dust and stirred it into a can of water. Blech.

I drink 180 when I need a jolt, myself. It’s neon green and doesn’t taste completely horrible.

Yeah, I realized it also looked like beer. But I rarely drink beer. The only reason I have the red bull is because my friend gave it to me. This is the first one I’ve ever had…and it does taste bad. Myabe I’ll try some other energy drink next time I need a pick me up.

Jolt. Or caffeinated water, and make coffee with it! :smiley:

You mean it didn’t give you wings???:smiley:

Red Bull and vodka is surprisingly good. I like it with Stoli Vanili or Absolut Mandarin.

I always thought Red Bull tasted like melted Gummi Bears.

Mmmm…I love Red Bull.

I’ll second that! :smiley:

That’s what I’ve heard…and I was actually planning on using it tonight for that (hooray for no classes on friday) but I was REALLY tired and needed something, and I don’t drink coffee. On a related note, I didn’t finish it. More the taste than the look.

It tastes, to me, exactly like the mandatory flouride treatments I got in elementary school. YUCK! On another note:

And a bit dangerous… I had a friend who, after 3, spent the rest of the night awake, ill, desperately wanting to sleep, and generally hating life. (I generally recommend against mixing stimulants (caffeine) with depressants (alcohol).) Beware.

I tried Red Bull once.

Never again. Didn’t anyone ever tell them it would be a good idea to make it actually taste good?

The first can of red bull I had make me very hyper.

Had to come home from work as was getting too weird but I love the taste. Long like Red Bull

Reason #587,623 that I’m glad I’m not still in college.