Does anybody ELSE like the taste of Red Bull?

I like the taste of Red Bull. It’s an odd taste, but I like it. Even though I saw a Red Bull ad that basically said “Red Bull doesn’t taste great.” I especially like it as a mixer. It’s good with vodka and absolutely great with Barenjager (German honey liqueur).

Surely I can’t be the only person who thinks so.

I have never tried Red Bull. I kind of took a break from drinking. You know, I don’t really miss it as much as I thought I would.
I am, however, up for a night out and drinking a little.

Red Bull does taste good. A bit on the expensive side, hereabouts, and is more often than not not used as an energy booster.

I’ve always had it only at nightclubs or at parties… not that I ever needed the extra energy or anything… :smiley:

There’s good news. It’s not an alcoholic beverage!
But yeah, it’s tastes odd, but I like it.