What's the deal with Red Bull?

Is it good? Bad? Seems like it’s got a kind of Cult Following.

I’ve never tried it, though. What am I missing?

Uh, here’s a link for the uninitiated.

I think it’s nasty. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste for those really desperate for caffiene.

It’s the trendy frink right now. In another year or 2, you won’t hear much about it.

Personally, I think it’s OK (at best). Way too sweet to have one more than every once in a while though.

It’s awesome. There’s superduperfuel of some kind in there. I’m a bit more of a fan of KMX Energy Drink, but it’s all the same stuff anyway. :: twitch ::

Just another version of self-medication from our somewhat hypocritical society.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

It stops you flagging at the end of an evening (what the hell is taurine anyway?).

It does taste foul though.

Taurine is an enzmye found also in meat… from what I heard Cats cannot be vegetarian because they need taurine once in a while. Dogs can be vegetarian apparently.

Red Bull barely affects me… :frowning:

Red Bull barely affects me…

just add vodka then…
hm - yummy!

Red Bull was really popular with the techno crowd (back when they where populer) as it has more caffeine/taurine/stuff-that-makes-you-stay-awake than most other drinks you would get in night clubs.

Yeah it is only good with vodka but I totally love it then and it will keep me going well into the late hours. generally after I have had too many alcoholic bevs - I switch to red bull and vodka and I can keep drinking until dawn.

I think it’s quite tasty, but if you’re looking to stay up get a Mountain Dew or something.

Actually, I think it’s Cinnabon that has some sort of mocha frappaccino type drink. Man, that thing is a must have on long road trips - trust me. And it’s tasty.

So if you need to stay up, go with the frosty goodness of the Cinnabon coffee shake thingee.

I’ve had it. It’s not particularly good and didn’t do anything for me. I’ll stick with caffiene.

Bah. Red Bull is gross. If you’re really interested in keeping yourself alert at the end of the evening, take 200mg of caffeine about fifteen minutes before you think you’ll start getting tired. Works like a charm. Crush it up and dissolve it in some coke, maybe.

My head hurts just imagining all that caffein.

My heart palpitates in antici…pation.

I think red bull tastes like sweet dirt. It doesn’t even bother trying to mask its nastiness with a tasty flavor. I have a few friends who drink it but then again they also drank Zima when that was popular. For those that don’t know, Zima was a clear alcoholic beer that tried to replace beer with the trendy crowd. Most people now hear Zima and think, what ever happened to it.

I don’t like the taste, but I used to buy it anyway mornings for the caffeine boost.

Then I found out the Starbucks Frappachinos have almost 3 times the caffeine, and are cheaper. I don’t drink Red Bull anymore.

Red Bull’s been around longer than I thought it would be. I think it’s nasty, but I have a theory that the foul taste is supposed to make you think you’re drinking something really strong.

I always kind of thought Red Bull smells like a urinal cake.

Feh! All you sissies with your Red Bull and your caffeine.

You REALLY want a rush? 4 ounces of cocaine and sahove it up your nose and in your eyes and in your ears and up your ass. If I am drinking all night that will keep me up for another hour or so.
But seriously, I like Red Bull. 2.5 shots of vodka with a can…3 or 4 of those and I am good to go.