I found an omission in a Wikipedia page.

IMDb says Wild Is the Wind (1957) was filmed at Gardnerville, NV but the Wikipedia page listing films shot at Gardnerville, NV does not include Wild Is the Wind (1957).

Is there anyone here who edits Wikipedia who would like to make this addition. I’m too old to learn editing Wikipedia and might make a mistake.

Wild Is the Wind (1957) - IMDb

Gardnerville, Nevada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Click on Edit for that section and copy in

  • 1957 : [[Wild is the Wind]], directed by [[George Cukor]]

The asterisk turns into a bullet point and the double brackets automatically turn the text into a link to the relevant page if one exists.

We’re never too old to learn something.

There’s a preview function and don’t forget to save your changes when you’re done.

Thanks. I got the omission corrected for a half day. Then it disappeared.

It’s still there for me; the most recent edit in the article history is the one adding Wild is the Wind.

As of this post (since Wikipedia is always changing), it’s there if you go to “Gardnerville, Nevada” instead of “Gardnerville, NV”. Seems to be a problem with the redirect. It may take time for the redirect to refresh or something.

Interestingly, further investigation into IMDB reveals that “The Wizard” (one of the 2 films listed on the Wikipedia link) was not shot in Gardnerville, but several other films were

As said later, it’s there but not if you go to the first link. You have to refresh to see it.

I wouldn’t think anything of having an addition deleted within hours of posting it; Crapopedia’s super star editor guardian class bots out anything not conforming to their standards. Like, entries from people who aren’t other super star guardian editors.

OK, found it. Thanks again.

There are many things to complain about the culture of Wikipedia, but you completely missed them, and are complaining about things that are not issues.

I can’t recall the last time I had any addition reverted. But that is probably because every change that I make has a reference. Try it.


I completely understand WP’s rules and desires. I have lost count of the factual, verified, cited additions I have made to pages that were reverted, sometimes within minutes, by an arbitrary wikighod, sometimes for reasons so breathtakingly stupid and opaque they were works of art. I’ve both stopped trying to add and correct things, and stopped arguing with WP defenders about the reasoning behind this behavior. You’re welcome to it.

I’m coming up on 3000 edits, and again, I have never had a cited addition reverted. I do run into annoying shithead editors, particularly one asshole who seems to live to reduce the size of images. But then, I spend most of my time adding references, re-writing for quality and adding my own photographs.

I have no idea what articles you are working on.

Would you care to link to some of those unjustified reversions? They’re all preserved in the article histories.

None, any more. I despise Wikipedia and pretty much all it stands for; having discovered that neither I nor Philip Roth are allowed to make additions or corrections to topics we are expert on pretty much nailed the door of my interest shut.


I understand it’s one of your major life accomplishments, and good for you.

I shelved arguing about the value of WP years ago. I’m sure it’s the Britannica of the Twitter generation.

I’m sure Nature was heavily influenced by Twitter when they did their study and found that Wikipedia was as accurate as Britannica.

Sour grapes.

I was under the impression that the IMDB worked a lot like Wikipedia, in that the information on the IMDB listings is provided by the populace?

But it appears you haven’t likewise shelved unsubstantiated complaining about it.

Yes, and for that reason it is generally recommended for use in external links but not as a reliable source.

I added a direct and contemporary reference to the Wikipedia article. Google Books kicks ass. It was very simple to do. Just visit Google Books and search Gardnerville AND “Wild is the Wind” and two references popped up, including a wool industry newsletter report about filming the movie. “Many of the scenes in this picture were shot at the Wallace Park Ranch in Garnerville, Nevada…”