I Found Money!

It was only $5, but I NEVER find money. Then there’s the fact that I found it in my yard, so there’s a chance it was my money to begin with. But still…

one of those things which never ceases to make your day. I love discovering a pair of pants or a jacket buried in my closet, checking the pockets only to find some money. Perhaps that says a bit too much about my cleanliness and laundry skills… but still - I agree finding money is super cool even if it is your own.

i had the good fortune to find $5.12 in a mall on saturday. the girls got a cat toy!

Did it have a picture of Lincoln on it? That was mine!

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I like finding money in my jacket pockets, there’s nothing better. Lame as I am, sometimes I leave the change in my jacket, just so I can find it later.

I must add that I always read Hillbilly Queen’s name as Hillybilly Queen. Makes you seem wonderfully whimsical. The Hillybilly Queen ate Jelly Belly jelly beanies on her hilly-billy laaaand… :o Yup, Ima Dufus, that’s me!

I had that happen once. (It was the only time I ever found money.)

I was at the beach, sitting in water about 10 inches deep, just chilling out and relaxing. I was about 15 at the time, and I just sat there for a while, watching the waves, and playing with the sand.

I noticed something in the water. It was gradually floating towards me, and when I finally saw what it was, I started acting like Data from “The Goonies”.

“Fifty dollar bill… fiftydollarbill… FIFTY DOLLAR BILL!”

Of course, being 15, I immediately spent the money on music and junk food, but it was kind of cool. Enjoy it, Hillbilly Queen!

Loooove finding money, except when you might find the rightful owner.

The other day I went to the grocery store to pick up some tissues and cold medicene and found a $10 bill in the tissue aisle. There was no one else in that aisle so I picked it up and held it out for about 10 minutes waiting to see if anyone would come by for it. No one did so I went to check out.

My purchase came to $9.82

Oh… thanks for finding that for me… I’ll e-mail you my mailing address… And if you get it to me quick I might send you a whole quarter as a reward. That could get you a lot of crap about 80 years ago… I wasn’t alive then but I once heard an old guy ranting about it… or maybe he was just cheap… or he was mistaken and only thought things were cheaper a long time ago…

Well anyway… I demand interest on my 5 dollars as I could have invested it in something.

I walk around a lot in an area with heavy tourist traffic. I find a $20 or a $10 every few years lying in the street. My feet are extra light on those days. It’s been several years since my last find though. I do feel bad for the people who’ve lost it but that’s life.

My sister’s the real lucky one though. She’s found $100 once as well as a couple twenties.

The most money I ever found was a five-pound note on the street in Edinburgh. It made my day.

I celebrated by buying booze with it… and with some of the money I already had.

Found a $20 bill outside a book store a few weeks ago and totally made my day.

Nobody looking. Bend down, grab, conceal in palm – thaaaaat’s right I’m just tying my shoe is all. Briskly strut away.

Buddy of mine in college lived in San Diego and used to go to the local adult entertainment center early on Sat and Sun mornings. He said it was amazing how many bills he would find in the scraggly bushes along the parking lot. I guess when you stumble out of a strip joint at 3am, you aren’t too careful getting your keys out of your pockets.

I once saw a $50 bill being delivered to me on the shore of the ocean. When I reached down to retrieve my gift, the ocean laughed and pulled the bill back towards it’s waves. I vainly followed with outstretched arms until the final wave crashed, hiding the tease within it’s vault. “Haaaaaaaa,” sneered the ocean. For the rest of the afternoon I wondered how many other children amused the ocean that day. Apparently, NOT SKERRI! Hey, that’s my money!! I saw it first! Lucky bastard…

I have an ongoing laundry issue with the people in my house. They don’t routinely clean out their pockets before throwing their clothing in the laundry hamper. After finding candy wrappers in the washer one time, I confronted my husband and daughter, who both denied that they EVER leave things in their pockets. Taking that same load out of the dryer later, I found $47 in various bills. When my husband later tried to claim this money, I reminded him that he NEVER leaves things in his pockets, so therefore it must have been me, and thus it was my money.

The best part is that this hasn’t stopped either of them from forgetting to empty their pockets. In the past year, I’ve made close to $100 in laundry-found cash.

One of my brothers is a runner (5-10K is usually what he participates in), and he frequently finds money when he’s out running. Not much, mind you; mostly change but he’s found dollar bills from time to time. No idea where the found money comes from–perhaps other runners who aren’t careful in where they tuck their change? :wink:

My only money finds where a $5 bill once many years ago on the street–the person in front of me picked up the $20 bill, so I lost out on that one, I guess. More recently I found a $1 bill. That’s it…not much. A friend found a $1 bill recently on the sidewalk outside of our office building; she turned it in to the security guards! I told her to go ahead and keep it, but I guess her sense of honesty made her turn it in.

The way the markets have been lately, you may very well end up owing her more, clayton.

I used to work for Thrifty Car Rental while I was in high school. One day while cleaning a car a custome had brought back, I found a breifcase in the trunk… being the curious lad I was I promptly opened the suitcase and found $10,000!!! :eek:

Hangs head in shame

I turned it in to the police. Apparently the car had been rented for a Drug deal (ya think?) so I suppose keeping it may have been, um, unsafe… man what I would have done with 10 Grand at 17 years old…

I purposely leave money in my pockets so I can “pretend” find money. My husband wouldn’t go near the washer if his ass was on fire, so I don’t have to worry about him getting my cash. It’s very fun to find money!

The only time I ever made money in Vegas was when I found a wad of bills totaling $120 in the parking lot at Caesar’s Palace. No, I didn’t go and gamble it away; Mr. Pug and I went to a steak ‘n’ lobster joint instead of to the craps table as planned. All in all, my best visit ever to Las Vegas.

Other than that, all I find is an occasional buck lying in the street.

LMAO!! I ‘find’ (reclaim?) money in the washer and dryer. Sometimes in my pants a few days after the wash.