I freakin' LOVE Excedrin

Dagnabbit, but that’s some good stuff. I get a LOT of headaches, and this is the only drug that ever works on them. Today I woke up with a really bad one. It felt like there was a power drill being used behind my left eyeball. I could barely stand. I was almost nauseous. Two Excedrin and an hour later, and I’m feeling goooooooood, man. Good. Yee-hah!

Oh, hey, look! That was my 2000th post. How about that?

It is pretty damn good stuff, Smeg. Glad it works for ya. I myself am partial to Aleve, but that gives me rebound headaches the next day. Plus you’re only supposed to take like 2 in a 24 hr period… scary stuff!

Funny how Excedrin gives me more headaches than it cures. I am a chronic headache sufferer, and for a period of about a month I took at least two extra-strength Excedrins ever other day. The caffine withdrawl would give me even worse headaches. Now, I can’t take even one without getting a monsterous headache a day or so later. So a pox on Excedrin I say!! I’ll stick to my liver-destroying Tylenol, if you don’t mind.

Good for you. :smiley:

from #straightdope just now:

<racinchik> must–control–hand–of death!
<Mnementh> You think you can control the hand of death?!
<racinchik> i don’t have a soul, though!
<racinchik> i sold it, and it was eaten on toast with marmalade!
<Mnementh> oh.
<Mnementh> Well then I suppose you’re exempt. Carry on.
<Mnementh> unless, of course, you own a puppy.
<racinchik> nope. no puppies.
<racinchik> i eat puppies’ souls on toast with blackberry jam, the third saturday of each month.
<Mnementh> Then feel free to have coffee with the Hand of Death. It can do you little harm.
<Mnementh> Though it does carry with it a small risk of migraine.
<Mnementh> Damn you excedrin…
<Mnementh> how dare you undermine the powers of the Hand…
<racinchik> I think the Hand actually owns a large portion of stock in Excedrin.
<racinchik> Uses itself to drive up sales.
<racinchik> Fiendish, too!
<Mnementh> YEAH!
<racinchik> Woo!