I fricking hate my teacher Miss Koon!!!!

Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a teacher (I’m soon to be 64), and I never had one named Miss Koon.
From this article in Wikipedia.

Read the article if you wish, it’s an interesting bit of early 19th century western history. The part of interest to me is the last line in the, “Later years,” section at the end of the article.
All I have to say is WTF!!!

What else in Wikepedia has grabbed your attention recently?

Some kid fooling around. Nothing to do with the article. I reverted it.

Of course it had nothing to do with the article. Come on, we’re reading about a guy that has fistfights with grizzly bears and comes in a close second. Do you think I think he worries about his teachers? Hah, I say in rebuttal. He probably was the captain on his school’s varmit wrestling team, or something.

But it’s funny.

All it said was that the Indians were executed in return – what’s so funny about that? :confused: What did it say originally?

Here, preserved for posterity.

Thank you!

Damn, that’s Fight Club level vandalism.

I had a teacher (Mr. Shneider) that if I saw him hanging on the edge of a cliff by his fingers, I would look for a hammer. Of course, that was nearly 60 years ago and I assume he has gone to his just reward.

This guy and I worked with and I added on to the wiki about 'turducken. He added that an alternative to turduken was a tufuckenfunny which was turkey tofu chicken bunny combo. It stayed put for about a month, then somebody took it down. sigh…

So now we have a new term: intellectual graffiti.

It’ll be in the dictionary between “intellectual freedom” and “intellectual health.”