I gave away my pants


For some reason, I’ve been losing weight. A pair of slacks has been loose for quite a while. I had to put another hole in the belt I wear with them. But cinching them up so, the front was ‘pleated’ out and sometimes fell below the belt. :rolleyes: I finally broke down and took advantage of a two-for-one sale to get two new pair (and two new belts, and two new shirts).

I hate throwing serviceable things away. Though a few years old, they’re ‘like new’. I telecommute half the time, and when I do go into the office I often wear jeans. I did have to tack up the cuff a couple of weeks ago (the cuffs are sewn on each side to keep them from falling, and one of the threads broke), so they’re perfectly fine. Just too big for me to wear. (The belt had some wear, but didn’t look too bad.)

Compass House Alliance is near the office, so I dropped the trousers and belt off there yesterday. They seemed grateful for the donation. I hope they can find a homeless person large enough to wear them.

(Really mundane and pointless, but how often do you get to title a thread ‘I gave away my pants’? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m a little worried about unexplained weight loss. You’re otherwise feeling OK, I hope!

Metabolisms can change in both directions. Sometimes just stress will cause loss or gain, but either way, Johnny_LA sounds happy about it so I am happy for him :smiley:

And yes, I try to make sure MrTao donates his old clothes when he goes down a size. His words are ‘Nobody’s as fat as I am they’d go to waste’ but there is a reason there are Big and Tall stores, and finding clothing that fits at less than the price those stores tend to charge is a godsend for people. So keep giving them away!

Bull*$%^ Mr. Tao, there are some seriously tubby folks out there! And skinny folks, and all in between - donate away! It’s not going to waste, I promise.

I’m not worried about it. I’ve got plenty! :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to the doc last month, and I was down eight or ten pounds from a year ago. Since then, I’ve lost five to eight pounds. I’m thinking it’s minor lifestyle changes. (e.g., I’m telecommuting three days per week now, so I’m not going out to lunch.)

I’ve donated stuff to Compass Housing Alliance on a few occasions. Perhaps it will be used by someone who needs it more than I. I’ve just remembered I’ve an old toaster oven that’s taking up space. I should try to remember to take it down tomorrow. I know they serve some food there, so maybe one day I’ll get some bulk oatmeal, rice, pasta, and some spaghetti sauce. (I wonder if they have containers in which to store bulk goods?)

I see from their website that they no longer accept used clothing. But they seemed happy to take the trousers anyway. And yes, they were washed after every use, and were washed on Sunday.

OK, I’ll quit doing the mother-hen thing now, since you’re apparently in good health and your doctor isn’t concerned about the matter. :smiley:

Losing weight is great. Wish I could drop a few. As they say, you can never be too thin, too rich or have too big of a garage.

I wondered how you got to 43,00 posts. Gave away your pants?

I gave away almost all my clothes now that I am down a few sizes. They just all looked so dumb on me now.

I figure if I give away the fat clothes, I won’t have a choice but to keep the weight off. Here’s hoping!

(There is a very happy size 14-16 person shopping at our value village right now.)