I gave up on video games. What should I peruse?

So I recently gave up playing video games and watching TV since they are time wasters. What sorts of hobbies or activities should I pick up?

Chasing women (or other people you find sexually attractive).

How were they time wasters? They didn’t entertain you? Is that something you are or are not looking for in a hobby?


Read–classic Science Fiction is great.
Robert A Heinlein & Andre Norton are both nice, for different reasons.

You can get into the “maker” community. There is a ton of free and open source stuff that allow you to do almost anything. Take a look at www.instructables.com for ideas of what people are making. Maybe there’s a maker “studio” offering classes near you. For example, a very popular studio in the Boston area will teach you to weld, blow glass, make furniture or jewelry. Unfortunately they can be expensive.

Related to that, check out 3D printers. Right now I think they are largely toys but some day I believe they will have significant impact on society. Think PC’s in the early 70’s.

Learn to write software. Computers aren’t going away and are only going to get more important. Learning to program them will help you in so many ways and if you get into hobbies like Arduino you can do all sorts of fun stuff.

I gave up on gaming and even TV, not missing them much.
… but once South Park, The Stick of Truth is released and then the price is reduced a little bit, I think I will check it out.

As for recommendations on what to do, I agree with Deeg.

Knitting or crochet, or other crafty/productive hobby (woodworking, sewing, jewelry, soap, etc)
Cooking - either to improve basic skills or learn some new aspect you’ve never tried (breadmaking, jam, pickles, etc)
Take art or language classes or any kind of class that interests you
Community sports league in whatever sort of sport you enjoy (or learn a new sport)
Pick up a side job for extra cash

Basically… everything. You have your choice of everything.

Do a play.

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Chess or bridge.

What isn’t a waste of time?

Learn to fly an airplane.

Have you tried stalking? I hear its the latest hip trend.

I had a restraining order before it was cool. She was a really obscure Canadian celebrity - you won’t have heard of her.

anything is a waste of time if you deplore doing it. do whatever you feel is worth your time.

Music. I bought a banjo a couple of years ago. Stunned my family. I had never played anything. I’m taking lessons and can at least entertain myself.

^ This. Learning a new instrument will take up a lot of time, but you come out of it with a skill that you can use not only to entertain yourself and others, but also to make a buck. My son did some busking with a guitar once, on a whim. Just set up in a busy tourist area where we were vacationing and started to play. He made $20 in less than an hour. If you have an instrument and a little talent you are never without a way to make money.

It will help the stalkee too – being stalked will move them up a couple of rungs on the fame ladder.

Write a novel

Learn to juggle