I give up. How do you get Amazon hosted photos to display?

I set up an account too, and uploaded a photo so I could experiment.

If I click the ‘Share’ button, it generates a link, which works but has the usual error when pasted into Discourse:


If I click the image to open it fully and right-click to Copy image address, I get this, which doesn’t work at all (presumably because it’s not shared):


But if I paste the share link (first link in post) in a new tab, and click on the picture to open it, and then right click to Copy image address, I finally get the version with the groupsharetoken:

So that’s the workaround, but it’s a pain.

It seems like the proper share link method should work, but whatever it is providing is missing the ‘description’ tag Discourse is expecting.

It’s blank to me. Even if I click it. Actually every link you provided is a blank image.

(Though if you were sharing a blank image then I guess it worked.)

Hmm. It works on my phone, which I thought would be a good enough test, but I’m still logged into Discourse there.

Just tried in an incognito tab, and the first link goes to the picture, second gives 401 error same as on my phone, third is broken.

The method I described works for @elfkin477’s photos, but not my own. How strange.

Works on my photos (I think):

Your links don’t actually have the groupShareToken part of the URL, though. I think you somehow lost them along the way.

The instructions, as I see it:

  • Click on the photo you want to share in the main Amazon gallery
  • Click the share button, then the “link” tab in the box, then “get share link”, then “copy”
  • Paste the URL in a new tab. You should see the pic.
  • Right-click on that picture and hit copy image URL/link (depending on browser). The URL you get should have the groupShareToken section, and pasting it here should give a working picture.

I can see your photo fine. Don’t know why it doesn’t give a link with groupShareToken for mine, unless it’s because it’s amazon.co.uk rather than amazon.com.

Wow that’s… a lot. Let me try it … aha. Almost, you missed a step!

After pasting the image into a new tab, you have to click on the image first to expand it before right-clicking. That indeed gives you the URL with the group share tokens and all that:

I just have to see if this works (feral momma Duchess who is now my indoors/outdoors kitty and 2 of her kittens, OJ/Juice and Silver, all speutered now):

So cute!

The look on that cat’s face can be described as “long-suffering”.

She has that look all of the time :smiley: I loved “Grumpy Cat” (RIP) and other grumpy looking kitties! The babies have been weaned for about a month now. Which means Duchess has slowly been learning what “toys” are and she and the kittens have learned how to “beg” from watching the dogs.