Link Seeing Problem

This concerns Cessandra’s wedding dress thread, specifically, the OP.

I can’t see the picture linked to in the OP, darn it! I don’t have any useful advice for her thread, but I want to see the pretty dress. What I see is “This is the dress:” followed by a blank line. I’m running Windows 98, and both Netscape 7 and IE 6 give me the same thing.

I looked at the source code and the relevant tag was this:

<!–ref=“” target="_blank" -->

It looks like a comment to me. What’s it doing in a comment, and why can so many others see the link and not me? Now, additionally, I think I copied and pasted the image URL itself correctly:

When I tried to access this picture, I got errors, and I couldn’t see anything. Not 404 errors, but errors like there’s something wrong with the file itself. This part is not really an ATMB question, but since I noticed it too, I just thought I’d throw it out.

The link works for me. icab on Macintosh.

I just took a look at the source code of that thread, and I see a perfectly normal <a href= et cetera. Is it possible that the html file got corrupted somehow, in the process of getting to you?

Yeah it must have. Thanks you two. I guess the problem’s something on my end.