Another strange computer problem

I can’t link to .gif’s. Whenever I try to link all I get is HTTP 404 not found. I tried both “AOL explorer” and “Internet Explorer” but nothing happened. Is there any way to fix this? I have Windows ME.

huh? are you making a web page? using html? using a builder program?

yeah, as the above said, need more details. Check the URL to the photo & maybe post it so we can check it.

O.K.: Here’s the deal. I go to a certain website (it’s an adult website O.K.? So sue me). I access their photo gallery and click on one of their thumnails. Click on a .jpg picture, links perfectly fine, picture appears. Click on a .gif picture and nothing, all I get is HTTP 404 Not Found. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with the website because I was able to access all their pictures with my previous computer.

I suspect that the coding for the page you are trying execute the pics on is the problem not your browser. Often clicking on a website picture links to an enlarged version of it. They may want to you pay for the “big picture” (so to speak) and the link won’t work unless you are logged on in pay mode.

I agree with astro. One sanity check you can do is to right click the gif and choose “save as”. Save it to your hard drive and see if you can view it from there.

But I am a member, I’m paying $8 a month and all I get are .jgp’s. :frowning:

And like I said before, I subcribed to this website on my old computer and had absoultely no problems.

Why do you want gifs anyway? Gifs are for graphics and cartoons. Jpgs are for sexy sexy sluts in DETAIL.

this may be as simple as right-clicking on the picture, and choosing the “show picture” option. this works if jpgs don’t load right, or get interupted during loading.

I LIKE cartoon sluts :slight_smile:

Thanks jonfromdenver I’ll try that.

Hey, Furryman…there’s a 1980’s tune just for you…
“Don’t Pay the Furryman; don’t even fix a price; don’t pay the Furryman…” :wink:

In case you have no clue, the song is “Don’t Pay the Ferryman” by Chris de Burg

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Jinx looking at your profile, would your user name have come from the series of Jinx scifi books. Now keep your flying snake under control if so, and hows mother.

furry, you might check your security settings for IE to see if they are set low enough to allow this sort of picture.