I give up -- "OG SMASH"???

Putting this in MPSIMS because the question (and probably also the answer) seems way too stupid for GQ.

What the heck is this “OG SMASH” thing I keep seeing? A reference to a video game, I assume. Tried Google and thought I was on to something with “Super Smash Bros.,” but didn’t see any “Og” character. Also got a lot of hits in some Scandinavian language in which “og” is apparently a popular preposition or something. The SDMB search engine won’t let me search on a two-letter word, and even if it did, I’m sure I’d just get the million times that people have used this phrase on the boards.

Please enlighten me and put me out of my misery. I know it’s a lame question, but it’s driving me nuts!


Awhile back, there was a thread in which someone of the fundie stripe was arguing something innane, as some extreme fundies are wont to do. His or her typing skills were no better than fair, and he or she kept typing “og” instead of “of”, I think the phrase was 'son og god", but it might have been “love og god” or something similar. Anyhow, people started questioning the “og”, and another poster chimed in with the now infamous **OG SMASH!!! ** and it took off from there, kinda like “3. Hi Opal!”. Think The Incredible Hulk and you’ll get the idea.
Someone with more time on their hands than I have can reaserch the exact thread for you.

Y’know, they really ought to put this one in the FAQ. I’ve seen at least four “Who/what the hell is Og?” threads in the last few weeks.

Basically, a doofus by the name of SeaHawk (now banned)started a thread in the pit a while back, ranting about Christians. He kept mistyping the word “of” as “og.” Several posters seized on that as a convenient way of trashing him.

You can search for the name SeaHawk in the Pit if you want the full sordid story. Let’s see…somebody did and “Og vs. Cthulhu” thread about it, too…in MPSIMS, IIRC. So you could search Cthulhu also.

Og got his start in a rant against Christianity. The poster couldn’t spell ‘of’, so he gave us phrases such as "son og God’.

Og then decided to have a word with The Powers That Be, and Little Timmy will never be the same.

Cthulu v. Og: The Battle of the Gods!

OG!! OG!! OG!!

And, as you can see from the responses, Og is one of the more important deities here at SDMB, so maybe the Invisible Pink Unicorn should keep on the lookout.

Og is actually
Phaedrus’s younger brother! :o

vanilla, I think you’re blaspheming Og.


Oh, that’s right, it was an anti-fundie rant. It’s all so confusing sometimes!


Someone needs to seperate the sheep from the goats! :wink:

Behold, the Ur-thread.


Ah, thanks, folks. All has been made, er, clear. Carry on!