Who/what the Hell is "Og"?

It’s possible I’m the last person on the SDMB not to know this, but what does “Og” mean? I’ve noticed that some posters will use the word “Og” in places where most people would say “God”.

Maybe there’s already an old thread explaining this; unfortunately the search feature won’t accept a two-letter word as a search term. I’ve also had no luck doing a regular Google search. So, please indulge me.

I see four possibilities:

  1. There’s an actual religion that worships a deity called “Og”, and some Dopers practice this religion.

  2. It’s a reference to some hilarious and/or profound book, comic book, song, theatrical extravaganza, movie or other product of popular culture, or is slang that comes from some kind of fandom (like “Ghu”).

  3. Some Dopers have an inhibition against writing the word “God” and use “Og” as a substitute (the way some people write “G-d”).

  4. It’s just a pointless, irritating affectation.

So, let’s settle this.

I direct you to this thread in ATMB. Tis a glossary of Dope terms. Og is explained there.

So the answer ia 4 and a bit.

OG everywhere!
OG in wind.
Og in sky.
Og in good, rich soil of Earth.
OG in most of sandwiches from Subway, but not those with olives. OG hate olives.
Believe in OG you must, or OG SMASH!
Also, OG does taxes on side, good rates.

"Og be with me, Og within me,
Og behind me, Og before me,
Og beside me, Og to win me,
Og to comfort and restore me.
Og beneath me, Og above me,
Og in quiet, Og in danger,
Og in hearts of all that love me,
Og in mouth of friend and stranger. "
– St. Patrick, slightly modified

*A mi-ighty fortress is our Og

Is invoking the name of Og less blasphemous than certain common epithets?
*Sun to the tune of Martin Luther’s… oh hell, the intro do Davey and Goliath.

You will know when Dopers are in the majority in the USA when you start seeing “In Og We Trust” printed on every US coin.

The other day my wife brought home some crackers from the store. A banner on the front of the package proudly proclaimed, “Now made with 0g Trans Fat.”

It took me several minutes to realize that in this case 0g meant “zero grams” instead of a reference to the SDMB Diety.

This isn’t the only message board to use “Og.” I’ve seen it on other boards where people who say they don’t believe in “God” still seem to want to speak to some divine power.

I have no idea where it really originated.

Well, here on SDMB, it really did start when people started mocking (teasing?) a poster who routinely typed “og” instead of “of.”

Or do you doubt Dexter’s explanation? :confused:

Thanks! So, it’s just a stupid in-joke. Can we stop it now?

My dream is that, if Dopers were in the majority, we’d stop seeing a watered-down religious message on the money and see more of E Pluribus Unum.

E Pluribus Cecil.

There was a period when the board was down, and we used a temporary board as a sort of quick fix. This one came with a smiley that showed a face smashing whatever’s next to it with a hammer. Known informally as “smashie” this emoticon is (so far as I observed) the origin of the phrase OG SMASH.

Despite discussion, Smashie did not follow us to the renewed boards. I think we got “smackie” instead, though we might have alreay had that one.

Out of curiousity, dlack, on what other message boards did you see it? It might be interesting to see if the usage can be traced back to here. We certainly have a strong influence on some other message boards (Fathom and the Unaboard, for instance, which have a large overlap of membership with us), and I doubt one can find any message board which doesn’t have at least one member in common with us.

I happened to be perusing the Psalms book of the Bible this weekend, and I came upon this passage, which made me giggle and think of y’all:

So Og is the famous king of Bashan. But he was smote by The Lord. Who’s mercy endureth forever.

So Cecil is a sort of Frankenstein’s monster? A patchwork man?

And aren’t “Og and Magog” in Revelations?

The phrase “Og smash” goes back at least to March 1998 when it showed up on Usenet:

“Og” stands for “tired, nerdy joke”.

In that spirit: