What the hell is your Og?

I don’t have a God (or a god, for that matter), but I do swear by other people’s.

I tried “Oh my Bob” for awhile, but Bob said people were starting to ask if we were gay. I don’t know why. I don’t even know Bob.

Now, I see a lot of you swearing by this Og fellow, and I wanted to know who he is and whether I can borrow him. Just for a sentence here and there, you understand; I’ll give him back.

My Og is a wrathful and vengeful Og, ready to smite those who would cross him! I forget who, exactly, originated Og here, but IIRC it started with the words “Og Smash!”

I think you should feel free to use here or anywhere else you need a fake deity.

Og was born in this thread in which a troll repeatedly typed “son og God” instead of “son of God.”

It has been brought up since that the “Og smash” joke is older than the SDMB, but Og as some kind of deity may have originated here.

An appropriately fuzzy, ghostly photograph of “Og” can be found here.

Doesn’t look particularly vengeful to me, though.

Which one’s Og? The pansies, or the whopping great blue mitts? :confused:

My Og is Alf. The two words sound good together.

What’s a Kibo?

You can have my Og, my Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, and my Church of the Visible Pink Foreskin, when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

That goes double for the foreskin.

***Oh Gee, nailed to a tree

Smashed my face and made me free

I drink Ogwine and eat Ogbread

Flesh made from Ogham that I’ve read

My Ogus is an earnest shade

and while on Earth he had a trade

Of the Joiner’s Art he was a master

He built the Cabinet of Ogliastra!***

I’m a member of The Church of Blissful Sedation…

I am Bob, and I’m often accused of having an Og complex… :smiley:

I am a member of the First house of Polyester Worship and Horizontal Throbbing Teenage Desire, and our First Lady of the White Go-Go Boot, Lord of the 40 watt, undulating, apocolyptic lava lamp, and the “no pizza-take-out after 12:00” Shrine of the “Wrastling Jesus” Achy-Breaky Love Tabernacle.

And I do so enjoy my weekly hour of faith and mutation. :smiley:

And how is Rev. JDT doing, anyway?

Og the Great and Terrible!

Intimidating when you first meet him, what with his ethereal head bobbing over a throne and all. But really, he’s kind of a sweet, bumbling old man. Once, he gave a diploma to a scarecrow just for figuring out the Pythagoran Theorum.

I’m a friend of Dorothy’s. So one day I expect I’ll go to the land of Og.

:blows dust off dim memory:

It’s a James Parry. Thought by some to be the first netizen to grep a usenet newsfeed for mentions of his handle, IIRC. Also the founder of alt.religion.kibology which seems to share some basic fundamentals with the Church of the SubGenius and Discordianism.

I’ll be durned. He’s still around and twice as colourful.

I prostrate myself before Gytha, Ogg of Lancre, patron of distillers, brewers and protector of ladies of free virtue.

She always offers me a pill for my prostrate.

Wotcha, photpat. The virtue is so free, they give it away. :smiley:

BTW, shouldn’t we have written this in Oggam, as a sign of respect to our wonderous Gytha?

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been less educated by any thread I started :wink:

I’d forgotten about Og Smash.

On the other hand, I did get to vomit copiously thinking about prying iampunha’s Visible Pink Foreskin from his cold dead fingers.