I got a brand-new laptop: do I need to download service packs?

I remember all the hype about downloading Windows service packs one and two when Windows XP first came out.

I recently picked up a Toshiba satellite which is brand-new. I love it! It flies! However, do I have to worry about any updates like the previous service packs?

that’s my GQ but I have to slip an IMHO while I’m at it.

Initially, what can I do to the laptop to make sure that it is running at peak performance? I got rid of all the spyware… ran a virus scan… Got rid of all the crap that was previously installed… I just want to make sure that everything is perfect from the beginning.

would a system defragmenter or anything like that help out? Of course, I made sure to get all of the programs such as a good antivirus, spyware, is anything else that I can do to optimize performance? (I’m not disappointed by any means, I do want to keep it top level performance, however.)

yes, you should do your downloads. You should also set your security levels and stuff before you start surfing.

Actually, if it’s brand new, you won’t need the service packs, but there are still lots of other updates (most of them security updates) that you should get.

You should det your automatic update settings to ‘notify me when updates are available but do not download or install them.’ This, to me, is the safest solution. The autodownload and/or autoinstall are too…“clandestine” for my tastes, and you don’t want to turn them off altogether, because there are important updates mixed in with the crappy ones.

Whatever you do, use a firewall.