I Got a Euro Two Cent Piece in My Change.

Yesterday, apparently one of the stores I went to, gave me a Euro two cent piece. It has a globe on one side. And a oak cluster on the reverse, for some reason. It was apparently minted in 2003.

Actually, I got a U.S. mercury dime dime (cf. this) a while back. I don’t know who keeps on giving me weird coinage. I do often go to the same businesses. So it is possible it is the same cashier. Also, it may seem odd. But I hope s/he continues. Because I love it. I love unique coins. It doesn’t even matter if their relative financial worth is low.

This (Euro) brings up a good point. Am I breaking the law, possessing it? Don’t laugh. I once read somewhere that people aren’t allowed to take Euros out of Europe. Does that apply to people who received it (i.e., me)?

I think I can rely on you people on these boards not to rat on me, if I am breaking the law;). But still, it is a good (hypothetical) question.

Well, what do the rest of you think of my (ironic) luck? And am I breaking the law?


The EU has rules on how to make a declaration when you leave with €10,000 or more in cash, so I think taking 2 cents out is okay.

You’re not in any trouble for having a euro coin outside of Europe, so you can now stop wondering if every noise outside your door is the Euro Police about to crash through and bring the life you had known to an abrupt end, so that’s good. The coin you have is from Germany, thus the oak twig. I love that the obverse sides of euro coins are different according to the country in which they were minted.

If they gave it to you in place of a penny, you celebrate my friend. They intended to give you one cent but you instead got 2.69 cents! Now you just plan what to do with your unexpected windfall.

But yeah, no army of Euro thugs will be breaking down your door. Or if they are, I’m in trouble because I have a whole bag of Euro coins on my desk at home right now.

I can beat you there because I have a whole 20 euro note in my wallet as well as a pocketful of shrapnel :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not sure where the OP heard that you couldn’t take euros out of Europe. They’re about the most widely circulated currency in the world after the US dollar.

2 cent coins are groovy, baby. I mean, they have a groove around the edge, to help blind people identify them.

Here is the 2c Euro wiki page. It appears that there are 20 different designs and the German variety is the only one with an oak leaf. Does your coin say Zwei Euro Cents?

ps- I think it’s rather droll that you linked the wiki page for a mercury dime :stuck_out_tongue: