I Got a Ferret!

My boyfriend and I had use of a car today, so I suggested we head on up to Yonkers to “look at ferrets.” And I swear I meant “look.” Well, mostly… sort of… BF has a pair (well, now he has three, really) and we kind of enjoy browsing pet shops, picking out toys for his ferrets, coveting puppies, etc.

So we get to this exotic pet store, and there are two perfect little 8 week old ferrets in this big cage, one male, one female. The female had the cutest coloring-- she seems to be a chocolate mitt. I fell in love with her almost immediately and tried to talk my boyfriend into buying her. But, he’d become infatuated with the little boy ferret… which he decided to buy. How could I leave that poor little girl there all alone?

Lest this sound like an irresponsible impulse buy, I have to stress that I’ve wanted a ferret for a while. We started dating right around the time he got the first one, and I’ve known the second one from day one. I’ve thought about this a lot, I just didn’t expect today to be the day!

So, my new addition, christened Twitch, is curled up in a ball in her new cage, sleeping peacefully. She’s so cute, yes she is! With her wittle nose and tiny pink feeties… and that precious tail…

Excuse me before I put myself into sugar shock :slight_smile:

Just remember, putting ferrets in your pants for gambling purposes is illegal. Or is that squirrels?

Ferrets are so cute! But they tend to smell funny.
I think it’s squirrels.

I sure hope it’s squirrels…

You can get a ferret descented, so they don’t smell so bad.
And I wouldn’t put either down my pants, personally.

Twitch arrived at the pet store fixed and descented, so with regular cage cleanings I’m sure she’ll be fine.

I just checked on her. She’s still sleeping, all tuckered out after a busy few hours of arranging her new toys.

I’m jealous! I want a ferret!
…and a monkey!

Good luck with your new baby!

I have better things to put in my pants, thankyouverymuch.

Serious question…do ferrets use litter boxes or do you have to let them out like a dog?

Less than serious question: If I put a ferret in my pants, would it get along with the badger?

A ferret down your pants will head straight for the gerbil. They’re carnivores, you know…

Rysdad-- in theory, ferrets will use litter pans. High-backed pans are recommended, sometimes triangle shaped so you can fit them in the corner of the cage.

However, the little Marshall Ferret sponsored booklet I got with Twitch warns me that ferrets are not as “accurate” as cats, and I should therefore consider placing “several litter pans in the ferret’s favorite corners.”

My BF has trained his so that they associate going in the pan with being allowed out to play. What’s cute is they’ll often hop into the pan for no reason and look at him (or me), expecting the cage to open just because they’re in the Magic Litter Pan.

The ferret and the badger? They’ll be fine. But put squirrels into the mix and you’re way out of my area of expertise.

Our ferret is seven years old now and even though he has slowed down considerably, he is a joy. We have to use several litter pans–he will use one but if he has to go looking for one, he might decide not to bother. Also, if one is not in its proper place at the moment he needs it, he will not bother to find another.

And even though he is descented, he still needs fairly frequent baths—one every couple of weeks, at least.

“Whattya gonna do tonight?”

“Oh, me and the wife are gonna stay home and bathe the ferret.”

“Oh! Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.”

Two words: ferret shock.

You can even get “ferret shock” and “Kiki for president” buttons! Poing!

I’m looking forward to bathing the ferret :wink:

I’ve been at my boyfriend’s place when he’s given his their baths. One loves it. The other looks mightily indignant. I’m curious to see how Twitch and her brother will take to it…

I bet you do, but just in case you need any suggestions, let me know :wink:

sigh I’ve wanted a ferret for years…but they are illegal in California. :frowning:
Of course, the year before I left Dayton for California, my county legalized them.

There was once a loveable ferret.
So cute that no one could bear it.
When asked how or why?
Not a soul could reply. (but)
I’d rather have one than wear it.


My friend has a ferret. It is the cutest thing. She has had it for nearly a year now and she still hasn’t naked it. It’s just ferret face. And yes, it uses a litter box. And yes, it’s descented and it doesn’t smell that bad.

Oops. I mean she hasn’t named it yet. I swear. God do I feel stupid. ::Blushing:: Idiot!!! I think I should start previewing my posts.