I got a great job today!

Well, the rug rats started back to school last week and I decided to look for a job to keep me from getting bored out of my ever loving mind. In the last two weeks I’ve sent about 30 resumes out, and have gotten four responses back and interviewed for all four. Of the four jobs, I was truly interested in two. This morning was the second of the “oh cool - I really would love to work for this organization” interviews and the ED offered me the position this afternoon! WOOOHOOOOO!

I honestly couldn’t be more excited. The position utilizes all my favorite and best job skills, for a great non-profit that specializes in emotionally and physically challenged children (children and family preservation are two of my hearts softest spots). The majority of the employees have been with this organization 15+ years, so I’m looking forward to putting down career roots :slight_smile: Best of all - SIX weeks paid vacation each year which corresponde with our kids school scheduled holidays!!! I don’t think it gets any better than this!!!

Do the happy dance with me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

***does happy dance with Adoptamom II ***

Wow. You’re really lucky. Congratulations, and stuff.

I’d join you, but I don’t dance.

That’s wonderful news, Adoptamom_II. Yay!

:gets all nervous and sweaty, sheepishly declines to do the happy dance with Adoptamom_II, sits in the corner by the punch and tortilla chips and mopes while his friends tell him he’s a stupid idiot for not doing the happy dance with the ‘really hot’ Adoptamom_II:

Congradulations on your new job!

Thanks - I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s not just a dream :cool: We went out for a celebratory dinner tonight and ate like little piglets!

Another bonus of the position is very casual Fridays (jeans, tees and tennis shoes!) During the week it’s still casual/comfy attire since we work with so many children. That’s really a nice bonus for me, since it’s been eons since I’ve to dress professionally, and the few prof clothes I still own are too small since I’ve ‘grown’, yeah, that’s it, grown :cool:

emekthian - get on out here and dance on cloud nine with me :smiley:

Woohoo! Congratulations. Wishing you both luck and joy in your new career.