I got a job interview tomorrow. What should I do?

About a week ago, I figured “What the heck, maybe they’ll take me on for six weeks” and applied to work at a movie theater two towns over.

I don’t know if they’ll hire me, but they’re going to interview me tomorrow at 5. This is a movie theater that only shows independent and foreign films, so that translates to very few if any screaming kids. :wink: I really want to work here. This is the first job interview I’ve ever been to. What should I do? Are there tips I should remember?

Be yourself. If you show a genuine passion for wanting to work there – that’s half the battle.

First off, good luck! Second, dress nice* and smile when you speak (not an “I’m insane” smile. Just something to show you’re happy to be there).

Do you know anything about independent and foreign films? If not, a crash course might be in order, but don’t try too hard to bluff. Bluffing experts tends to make the bluffer look silly. Feel free to admit what you do and don’t know. They certainly don’t expect you to know everything they ask.

*You’re a guy, right? Nice slacks, a button-down shirt and a tie will be fine. If I’m remembering incorrectly and you’re a woman, the same sans tie should suffice. Dress shoes. Remember the dress shoes.

Boy, I’ll say. My husband got his first job with our company that he was nearly completely unqualified for because he showed his enthusiasm and willingness to learn. He has a psychology degree and the job was as a computer programmer. He only had a minor in programming.

Be on time. Brush your teeth. You may laugh, but they are both very important. Good luck!

No heavy cologne/perfume etc, its very off putting, especially if they interview you in a closed office.

Put something on though - always good to smell nice, but you don’t want to suffocate the interviewer with your scent.

Independent and foreign films? Speak with a french accent and wear a beret. Chain smoke clove cigarrettes.

You’ll no doubt win their hearts and minds.


Be on time (again).
Turn off your cell phone if you own one.
Ask an interesting question (that you’ve researched so you know it’s interesting).
Don’t mention that you find The Simpsons the best thing you watch.

Hijack! throatshot - I was a psych major/comp sci. minor who ended up programming. And in Ft. Worth no less. Where do y’all work if you don’t mind me asking? And keep your eyes out for dopefests!
Dao - did you do the “10 good things about me” exercise? (I really enjoyed those, but didn’t track who did them) This is a good preparation for an interview - come up with about 4 to 10 good things (without qualifications!) you will bring as an employee. Write them down and review them right before you go in for the interview. This will give you self-confidence and you can bring them up during the interview to sell yourself. Yes, you are selling yourself :slight_smile: The hardest part of interviewing for me was that I tend to beat myself up, and you really can’t do this during an interview.

Oh, and prepare for the ‘What’s one thing about yourself that you think needs improvement’ question. If you’re not prepared, it’s a killer.

Smile. Not a fake smile.


Don’t chew gum.

Be enthusiastic!

Radio Shack. You?

And just to keep from completely hijacking Dao’s thread, I’ll add look the interviewer in the eye when you speak, but try to avoid some sort of strange Scientology hypnotic stare.

Be a little early. But if you show up too early, don’t make a big show and pace around making “geez, I’m early, what a good worker quality” comments.
Carry a pen. A decent pen, without a smut shop logo. (saw that happen once :wink: )

Get some sleep, eat a meal. Go and find out what interviewing is about. Muster up great self-confidence, but not cockiness.

DO NOT wear inappropriate clothing.

I have interview and rejected people for a position at a medical centre who were wearing the following items of clothing:

handmade blanket with a hole cut in the middle to stick your head through. Underneath jeans.

bikini type top and shorts

thongs (ummm dunno what you merican’s call them, they are kinda rubber type footwear we aussies wear)

Presentation Presentation Presentation

Just so you don’t think I’m evil clothes person I myself almost got turned down for a job because I wasn’t “Feminine enough” - I wore a pants suit not a skirt and blouse.

Depends on the company but strongly recommend doing some research first.

Thanks guys, this was great advice. I got back from the interview about half an hour ago. Got panel-interviewed by all three managers. I think I got the job, though. At the end, they were talking about things like dress code and how everyone starts out as an usher, then works up to concessions, then to box office. They ended by saying they’d check the scheduling and call me back by Friday.

…Since I’m slow, does this necessarily mean I got the job?

It’s also better pay than I thought. $7/hour. Sweet.

Daowajan sounds really promising. They don’t usually go into details such as dress code if you havn’t got the job.

Yay for you :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a tentative congratulations, and be sure to post yea or nay come Friday.

Yeah, I think I got it.

Maybe this is just because all my work experience was in a forest preserve with a bunch of volunteers, but I was warned at least half a dozen times about customers.

The theater’s in the richest area in the county, and most of the people who come in are used to being waited on hand and foot (for example, the theater’s next door to a Saks.) When I was waiting down at the box office, the guys at the concession stand were joking with me about working here, and one of them said “Just remember: don’t hit customers.”

Makes me wonder what I’m getting myself into. But the managers were all pretty nice and laid back, and the concession guys were a lot more cheerful than the surly teens the big chain theaters employ, so it may not be that bad.

Wow. I work as a manager of a movie theater that shows independent and foreign films in the richest part of the county located next to a Saks Fifth Avenue. If it weren’t for the location and for the fact that I haven’t hired anybody since Christmas, I’d be a little weirded out.

So I don’t know if you work for the same company I do (though if it an oxymoronic art house corporate chain, you must), but I’ll give you some advice if you want it. Basically, don’t sweat it. Any of it.

I’ve worked for the big deal megaplexes and I’ve worked for independently owned places. What I can tell you about art house theaters is that they’re supported by people who love film, and that is the most important thing. Sure there’s corporate bullshit, but nothing that w ill affect your position. What you get is a more relaxed atmosphere and more interesting coworkers, and the movies you get to see for free are definitely more worthwhile.

The odd thing is that while the theater was probably founded by independent-thinki ng free spirits, your clientele is old, spoiled, cranky, and easily offended (at least ours is–we’ve had to put up warning signs for movies such as Mulholland Drive and Y Tu Mama Tambien). What this serves is to create a stronger bond among coworkers, a kind of us-against-them mentality. Trust me, your managers have to enforce good behavior and apologize to crotchety old folks, but they’re really on your side. So long as you’re polite, responsible, somewhat self-motivated, and able to perform simple math, you’re gold.

And once you’ve had movie theater experience, you’re set whenever you fall on hard times and need a job. It’s not glamorous, it doesn’t pay well, and it can be real obnoxious at times, but once you know it you can get a job whereve r you are. Have fun.