I got a new computer

I was at work today, and there was this compaq laptop sitting there, it was an open box that had been used for the store inventory about a week ago. It was marked down from $1200 to $799, but that was not good enough for me even with the $100 rebate, so I talked with one of my managers, and worked out a deal, I got this brand spankin’ new compaq 1200XL300, 600 Mhz celeron, 6 gig hard drive, 13 inch screen, 24x cd rom, 64k ram, trident graphics card, V.90 modem and Windows ME all for $699!! And I get another $100 off!

Pretty neat-o dont you think?

Mundane and pointless, just thought I’d share.




You got ripped off. Take it back.

[hijack]SPOOFE, what’s wrong with Compaq??

I’ve been thinking about buying a notebook some time in the next few months… and Compaq is one of the brands I’ve been looking at!

Gimme the dirt, please. Also, if not Compaq… what brand? E-mail me, so’s we don’t hijack fnord’s thread too badly! [/hijack]

fnord, as to the OP, sounds cool to me, assuming that it’s a good comp…

I shoulda inserted a “:D” into the end of my post up there.

Not a big hijack… Compaq just has a reputation of making their computers with lots of pre-installed “Special Compaq Brand” software that gets really annoying… most of it is worthless, but some of it’s crucial, so it’s hard to figure out what to delete and what not to.

This is purely IMHO, but keep an eye on either Dell (forgot what their laptop line is called), IBM Thinkpad, or Sony Vaio. Although some will argue with me about Sony, so keep your eyes glued on the first two.

And fnord… I was just joking with you. Compaq may not be the greatest, but for the specs you gave, that sounds like a great price. Although I’m pretty sure you meant 64 MEGS of RAM, not K. Nobody’s used tens of kilobytes of RAM for a decade :smiley:

Just make sure you get rid of all of Compaq’s “we’re assuming you know jack about computers, so we’re gonna hold your hand the whole time” pre-installed programs.

OK, thanks SPOOFE!

Back to the OP… (sorry fnord)

still sound like you got a good deal to me!