I got a new guitar tonight

It’s a replica of the '58 Epiphone Moderne, black w/gold hardware. I was looking through the new Mars Music catalog with my wife and I pointed out that it was a pretty sweet deal (you got it and a 15 watt Danelectro 950 amp for $399) and my wife said we should go get it. I thought she was joking but next thing we know we are in the car and on our way.

I remembered later that last time we went to the music store she had her eye on that Danelectro practice amp (because it was ‘cute’) and she does need her own amp. 8^) We’re both happy, I really like the guitar, it’s hard to find a good guitar with two humbuckers and no tremolo.

Here’s a pic of the guitar and amp.

Was there a “No Stairway To Heaven” sign in the music store?

Of course.

Did you play “Stairway To Heaven” anyway?

Actually, I didn’t play anything. I just checked the intonation and the action on the guitar I was getting.


I saw that ad. I remember seeing pictures of the moderne back in high school.

Big Guitar Hijack: I have decided that “humbuckers only” is not the way to go for me. If I can ever afford a new axe, I want something like Steve Morse’s geet from his days with the Dixie Dregs: tele body, two single coils, two humbuckers, but a maple fretboard instead of the rosewood fretboard. Floyd Rose whammy would be cool, but not a dealbreaker. Lately I’ve been thinking that a kalimba behind the tailpiece would be cool for some sympathetic vibrations. Attach a piezo and voila.