I got a new navy blue motorcycle

A 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250. It rides beautifully, but I can’t really put it to the test until tomorrow, after I get insurance. Can’t wait.

Cool. Are you a beginner? That’s a really nice bike for a new rider. BTW, when you call the insurance company don’t tell them it’s a Ninja. Call it a “Kawasaki EX250”. Ninja bumps you up to the sportbike category ($$$) in the mind of the agent, make them look it up and see it’s really a standard. Seriously, I’ve heard of people saving a lot of money that way and you’re not lying, the bike model is officially called the EX250.

Sweet. When come back, post pictures!

So jealous, I want a motorcycle. A friend of mine just got her M class license in CA and is looking to get that exact same bike, same color even.