I got a SHITLOAD of Herbs. Now what.

Dear Fans:

Rule #1. Herbs is pronounced “Herbs”. If you go: “Erbs”, leave, none of us has any time for snots.

That said, so me and **BigHair **get really fucked up last Wednesday, and apparently I talked to **LongDistanceBootyCall **and must’ave told her about the recent hail damage that ruined my garden. Then, its Thursday and me and **BigHair **are sittin’ out on my back-40, drinkin’ and him tellin’ me about how he’s never getting that fucked up again, and outta nowhere steps **LDBC’s **mom (whom unretired and went back to work for a nursery), with a tray of starters and tells me she’s got two more trays in her trunk. Shittin’ me?
Being the gentleman I am, I dropped a rag over my one-hitter and stash, and helped her unload (from my estimations, because I’d bought starters already this year) between $180-$225 worth of plants.

Just of the Herbs I got (doubles of most):
French Tarragon
Lemmon Thyme
Orange Thyme
Garlic Chives
Purpleleaf Sage
Greek Oregano
Chocolate Mint
Curled Parsley
Italian Parsely

As a side note, when you stand downwind, it smells like someone blew chow of mint-chocolate chip ice cream at a pizza parlour, and its kinda gross.

On the pepper side:, Habenero, Seranno, Hungarian Wax, Cayenne, Red Chile, and a couplea greens ALL WITH PEPPERS ON 'EM, 'cept the Habenero… Any good for TOLERABLE salsa?
Gave away the 2 eggplants, (why 2? when 1 is too much) and all the doubles on the hot-peppers, and 8 tomatoes, and a couple cukes.

Bitches. They make me cry when they break my heart, they make me cry when they’re the best. I guess that’s why we call 'em bitches.


I opened this thread because any the started by you with herb is the title has GOT to be good. Now, I feel a little let down. And shit.

And a little jealous about all the peppers. And shit.

And tell fuckin’ Big Hair to get it cut. It’s not 1987 any more.

Fo’ shizzle, Super K, I had a story I wanted to tell you if I saw ya around. Now I can’t remember what it was and shit.

Herbs, or as my family says, Oibs, can be preserved in a number of ways. Since Oibs are pricey and shit this is pretty cool.
-Sage and Rosemary and Oregano and I think Tarragon can be hung to dry in a well ventilated spot then used like purchased dried herbs. Keep out of direct sun.

-You can dry Spearmint too, and it makes good tea. You can also freeze the spearmint totally submerged in water (ziploc, fill with Oibs, then fill with water, then seal with a little airspace for expansion, then freeze.) Really good for making a whole mess of Mojitos. Same idea for chocolate mint, though you better not put that shit in my Mojito. Just saying.

-Parsley and dill can be frozen as is, for use in soups. Or, you can puree it and freeze in little cubes.

Nature’s fricken’ bounteous harvest my friend.

'i. As for the 'erbs, you could make a shitload of spag’tti sauce and freeze it. If you’re too big a sissy for the likes of 'abanero and cayenne, the serrano peppers (notice it’s two 'r’s, bitch) are excellent for pico de gallo or spaghetti alio y olio (garlic and oil). Recipes? Look it up yourself, slacker.