I got a tattoo today...

My first (and only) one (although they say you get addicted…). It’s on my left arm, if you can’t tell from the photo.


The story behind it: Although I am a NY Giants fan, I mostly got it because a) it says “NY” and I spent my first 33 years as a New Yorker, and b) my dad passed away last year and he was a HUGE Giants fan (in fact, this logo is on his gravestone!) It’s a bit ironic since few people hated tattoos as much as he did.

Congrats! And yep, they’re addictive…

I don’t normally like tats, but I love yours! Congratulations.

Thank you! As someone who has really not wanted a tattoo until recently, that’s a very meaningful compliment. No tattoos that I’ve ever seen on anyone else have connected with me; it took thinking of the perfect one for me (I’ve never seen this on anyone else, although I know at least one person online has the Giants helmet) for me to get this one.

“The Giants are number one! The Giants are number one!.. is the future. Your future.”

“Hey, man. That’s not a prediction. That’s a fact of life. You tell me something I don’t know.”

Very nice tat! Also, welcome to he dark side! Mwuah ha ha ha!

…and should you ever change your mind about that team, you only have to add ET at the end for a nice Russian “Nyet”…no?

Whenever I see someone get a tatoo, especially thier first, it reminds me of something a tatoo artist said to me when I got a large crucifix on my forearm. He said “You know tatoos are permanant” I told him, we’ll both be dead soon enough. Only your deeds are permanant.

Enjoy your art. It will last you a lifetime at least. And be sure those that know you well, will remember you with it.

Congrats! It won’t be long before you start plotting your next one…

I confused the hell out of my tattoo artist.

‘‘What’s it say?’’

I just like the reminder, anytime I get the urge to take something for granted, or feel too sorry for myself. This, too, will pass.

And people say tattoos have no use. That tattoo will ensure you a lifetime of barfights in Boston.