I got accepted...woohoo!

I got my acceptance letter from BYU today. I wasn’t sure if I would make it…but I did. I start in August as a computer science major.

Just had to post this…sorry for the attention whoring.

congratulations! i’m a senior…don’t hear from any school until april though aaack. hope you like it :wink:


I have a friend who has also been eagerly awaiting her acceptance letter from BYU, who received it not more than a week or two ago.

'Grats, pal! Do well.

Congrats to you I was just about to post the same thing 'cause I just got into RIT (my first choice). We went out to PF Changs to celebrate. What did you do?

Congrats, my sister goes there and she loves it.

Thanks for the congratulations. As for celebrating, I really didn’t do much. I attend a university in lieu of high school (I recieve college and high school credit) and I’ve been really busy with class. The achievement itself is reward enough for me.