I got baby pigeons on my terrace--and houseflies inside!

I was sick of finding these disgusting (adult) pigeons always sitting on a top shelf that I store empty flowerpots on, so I pulled down the box the pots are in today and discovered–baby pigeons.

Two little, yellow-feathered, totally blind (at least I hope they are–their eyes look like balls of mucus) but fairly sizable baby birds.

I put the box back, and now I guess I’m going to have these disgusting birds around here for a while.

I’ve also had a strange infestation of houseflies the last few days. (Inside my apartment.) There couldn’t be any connection with the pigeon birthing factory and the houseflies, could there? I swatted about two dozen yesterday, after living here for eight years in which I had a total of four or five flies inside the house.

Who cares about houseflies. Don’t pigeons carry lice?

Are they definitely houseflies or do they look a little different? If they are smaller and slightly flatter than houseflies and fly a little differently they could be pigeon flies (Hippoboscid flies) and if so they would definitely be associated with the pigeons. I hate these things, whenever someone brings us a sick or injured pigeon or dove and I pick it up, the darn flies run off and fly right at me. Ick!

It might be a little unusual to have a bunch of them indoors though. If they are regular houseflies it could be possible that there might be a dead baby bird nearby that’s attracting the flies and then they are getting in your house. If a baby dies in the nest the parents would push it out, they can’t really carry it anywhere. Or it could just be all the pigeon poop attracting the flies.

Why do people bring you dead pigeons or doves?

I work at an animal clinic, and they pigeons and doves aren’t usually dead. The flies live on live birds.