I got Borg!

Must’ve come from the Delta Quadrant, cuase it took two weeks to arrive. Of course, what with the time dilation problems, Viva won’t even be sending 'em 'til sometime next month! :wink:

A super heavy (neutronium?) cube key chain, a used holokey, and DRUGS! :eek:

Yeah, I coulda e-mailed a tanx, but this is more fun

< blink-blink > :confused: :confused: :confused:

No more schnapps for you, Bucko!

Two weeks??? Well, at least they got there, right? :smiley:

Hmmm. I am disturbed by the time factor. I am also just plain disturbed. Matt Winston (Daniels) wrote on my autographed photo a few months ago: [Viva], don’t mess with the timeline.
But mess with it I did. Or he did.

How are those drugs anyway? Do they really work the way they’re supposed to? You “R” my guinea pig!!

Hmph. All I got was some lousy PADD. And it was shipped to the wrong coordinates to boot!

In all seriousness, **viva **rocks. Good idea to start this thread to let the board know just how much, NCB.

Well its finally happened. The trek dopers have gotten so far in, they’ve developed their own language and dialect. It may seem strange and unusual to the outsiders but they are quite a pleasent people. Be not afraid!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Basking shamelessly.

She’s always doing cool little things for her Doper friends. From taping the Treks for non UPN Dopers to sending cute trinkets from her frequent Vegas jaunts.

How she finds so many cool doo-dads I’ll never know.

As for the trioxide compound (packaged as breath mints), I noticed no difference. The actual level of caffiene in them is small, after all. The label says it takes 9 mints to equal the caffiene of a can of cola.

Maybe if we rearrange all the words in this thread, we can find the secret message…

Hoshi, her shoulders bare.

Geordi offering Coco Nono’s.

T’Pol her ass wide, Riker his beard shaved

A panda chewing bamboo.

A Hoover, it’s power switch on.

Luaxanna in pursuit of Jean Luc?

Hey Doc, lets keep this PG-13 ayite?

Enterprise, her warp core breached?

Minister of protocol at Luaxanna’s wedding? :frowning:

Geordi, at Lwaxana’s wedding, his implants failing!! :eek:

I look for things. Things that make us call them doo-dads.

Blushing confession: I haven’t been to Vegas in a couple of years! My brother took his fam, but I couldn’t go when they did; it’s too much of a hassle to go with my cousin’s fam; and the gal pal I used to go with hardly travels anymore. Yeah, I could fly there and mess around on my own, but these days I usually just take the Amtrak Pod up or down the CA coast.
But I am STILL retaining my LostWages name.