I got into grad school! Denver University!

Today, I received my first news about grad school- an acceptance letter from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at Denver University. I’ll study international development, with a focus on Africa. My ultimate goal is to work for an NGO or government organization in Africa. DU is widely considered one of the top 10 schools in the field. Although I’ve applied for more prestigious programs (like Georgetown), DU is honestly my top choice.

I’m stoked! I feel like finally my career is on it’s way. I’m also excited about the chance to return to school and do things right- I wasn’t very involved in undergrad. But now I have the focus and confidence it’d take to take advantage of the resources around me.

I should hear back from other schools in the next few weeks, but what a relief to know that I’m going somewhere! The bad news is that they could not offer me much in the way of aid. I’m probably going to be in debt up to my ears for years- but I think the career opportunities this will open up will make it worth it.

It was a long process, from having to slog to Bankok to take the GREs to tracking down recommendation letters from Cameroonians. I’m so psyched that I got it together and it paid off! Go me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go you, indeed! Congrats!

Ur lame! UNCo rox! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, gratz.
I interview for a Ph.D. program in Greeley next week.

Congrats. I did my grad work at CU-Boulder (though a good while back:)). It’s a nice part of the country.

Excellent! And you’ve made an admirable career choice especially as it relates to Africa, which has been neglected in my opinion.

Best wishes to you!

Plus if you say the name of your school fast, it’ll sound like the Joseph Goebbels School of International Studies. Which is probably…not as prestigious.

Congratulations! Denver is awesome (the city, that is - I don’t know anything about that program at DU).

We should have another Denver Dope to celebrate once you get into town.

Congratulations! And enjoy grad school!

That’s wonderful **even sven **- congratulations!

It’s actually the University of Denver, not Denver University, though everyone calls it DU. Congrats.

PRR, (Ph. D., DU '85)

even sven, don’t you just love it when everything clicks together? This sounds so cool!


Work hard, eat healthy, wear glasses if you need 'em!

Awesome. I have family in boulder, and Colorado is a pretty good place.

I guess this means you will soon be offically done and dusted with China?

Extremely cool, even sven! Congratulations!

I’ve been told if we have one, it’s gotta be called a Coloradope (I did one many moons ago.)

Even Sven, If you take the F Light Rail Line, there’s a dismally small chance we’ll run into each other.

D’you go to DU? Yeah, d’ you?

Congrats, even sven!

(who went there for a year a million years ago)

Good for you!

My Foreign Policy professor went there, and eventually went on to become the head of Amnesty International. (And, obviously, a professor of foreign policy.) She once told us that when she was there, she shared a carrel with Condoleeza Rice, but they were never really friends. The lesson was that you should always make friends with your grad school classmates; there’s no telling which of them will eventually be in a position to get you a job.

(I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have worked in the Bush Administration anyway.)