I got MRSA

She cancelled the orals, anyway.
New cream & a once a day change schedule.

It’s stopped throbbing, & looks a lot better.

Good news.

Yes, we’ll take those as positive signs.

Fingers crossed that the news continues to improve!

That’s great news!

I’m so glad the throbbing has stopped and I hope that means you can get some good rest.

Continued good wishes sent your way.

I hope they’re killing it with science.

Improvements continue.
I am optimistic.

Great to hear!

I’m glad things are improving!

What great news. I’m so glad things are beginning to come good for you, Bosda!

Such great news! May the healing continue!

They’re killing it - WITH SCIENCE!

(Cue up Thomas Dolby)

The news keeps improving.

Keep it going, Bosda

Glad you’re doing better. My sister had to be hospitalized for a couple nights over it. (I didn’t want to mention that until after you were on the mend.)