I got MRSA

Oh I’m so sorry this hasn’t already cleared up. I was hoping that no news was good news.

Best of luck with the specialist. I hope that will finally turn the tide to healing.

But I think that the kind of total disaster you are thinking of is not in the cards.

The ER isn’t really an option.
I’m in Tennessee, where Stupid is King.
COVID flooded hospital as standard-issue.

Seriously, Monday afternoon is realistic & if it gets worse, I’ll phone for help.

“Looks like raw meat” is a phenomena in serious infections. I had a thread around here somewhere in which I related that a skin infection looked like raw meat, and that was an improvement over the prior description of putrefying raw meat. At which point the medical student interviewing me ran outside the room to vomit. Yeah, this stuff can be very ugly.

I’m going to immediately follow that up with I healed up, survived, and the resulting scar is hardly noticed unless I point it out.

Getting over this sort of infection takes a long time by modern standards, which have become accustomed to the swift effect of antibiotics. Unfortunately, with MRSA we are often back to an earlier era where healing takes much longer. I will continue to remain optimistic on the behalf of the OP.

I’m also trusting that @Bosda_Di_Chi_of_Tricor is in the best position of all of us to determine whether or not this is a dire emergency and to call for help if things go south. Let us know how you are, even if things don’t seem to be changing much.

My son in law’s father, a retired physician with diabetes, was treating and monitoring his own problems with a toe.

He is a very intelligent guy but by the time he sought a second opinion it was too late and he lost the toe.

I once had a post-operative infection after a back surgery for which I was sent home without antibiotics – big mistake on their part and big mistake on mine (and my parents’) for not asking/insisting on getting them.

I never felt quite right but the big warning sign for me was dizziness. If you start feeling dizzy or fuzzy, pick up the phone and dial 911 - if you feel dizzy there’s a chance it’s gotten into the bloodstream and it won’t take long before you’re in a world of shit if that happens.

Well, yes, that sort of thing does happen but given that I have no means to help the OP I’m being optimistic about his good sense.

There are definitely exceptions, but MRSA is unlikely to cause illness in an otherwise healthy person. That’s a major reason why it’s so hard to treat.

Bosda, I hope the delay doesn’t lead to disaster. Keep up posted, please.

Yeah, well, apparently I was one of those exceptions because I had zero co-morbidity yet wound up with community-acquired MRSA.

There have been quite a few exceptions, actually. This link points out that 22% of people with MRSA infections have NO risk factors, and given that some of the risk factors listed include “people who spend time on the beaches of Florida”, “people who spend time on the beaches of the West Coast of the United States”, “college students in dormitories”, and “military recruits in basic training” there are a lot of healthy people at risk as well.

You are correct in the sense that MRSA is around in the environment, just like things like tetanus, which aren’t a universal plague. Nonetheless, even a very healthy person can acquire an infection if circumstances converge just right.

Even worse for folks with already existing issues.

This is kinda me.
I live alone, did not visit a med facility, nor a gym, & had two tiny scratches.
Which blew up.

What did you find out today?

Yes, hopefully there’s good news!

Back from the wound center.
Testing done, new med cream obtain.
Bad news–my antibiotic tablets went missing.
I will phone the wound center today, & see if they found them.

Whoa! Hope they found them. Chances are, they’re expensive.

Man, hoping for the best. This might sound like crank talk - apologies if it does - but do any and everything - and I mean anything and everything - to ramp up your immunity at this point. Drink water. Eat veggies. No alcohol at all. Drink coffee or tea. Take some supplements (vitamin C and D3). Exercise moderately. Get rest. Avoid sugars, salts, or anything that causes inflammation. Clean the wound constantly. Keep in touch with your doc.

Old nurse here. Don’t clean the wound constantly unless your doctor told you to. Bandage it or not as s/he instructed you to. When you do clean it or bandage it, do it exactly as they advised. If they say ‘keep it dry’, keep it dry.

Finish all the antibiotic prescription, don’t stop because it seems to be getting better. MRSA can be very dogged and should be taken seriously. Adequate protein and hydration is important for healing, don’t worry if a little sugar slips in (unless you’re diabetic of course). Keep all follow up appts and prepare for a bit of a slog~that’s MRSA.

I defer to you – do as BBB suggests.

Glad Nurse BippetyBoppityBoo-Boo chimed in! :slight_smile:

I hope you find the missing tablets and that the new medication helps. Do you have a follow-up appointment?

The notorious BBB


Must be honest, not my first bite of the notorious apple.