I got MRSA

Possible opportunistic Yeast infection.
But otherwise–light at the end of the tunnel?
Orders to leave it un-bandaged, for a while.
Antifungal scrip.

We shall see.

Fingers crossed!

Yay! I hope the light gets brighter. So glad it’s positive news.

Glad for cautiously encouraging good news!

Looks better.
Still too Red.
And I feel SO tired…

Yes, skin infections can cause incredible fatigue (I speak from experience). Try to get as much rest as possible. You can only sleep so much, but reducing your activity level even while awake will help.

I’m happy you’re seeing some improvement.

As I said before, it takes longer than we’d like to get past this sort of thing, but it sounds like you are, slowly, getting better.

Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Hopefully the recovery period is short.

I like the sound of that “looks better”.

Being tired probably means your body is working hard. Make sure you get lots of rest and fluids, etc. Take this opportunity to catch up on all the shows you’ve been wanting to watch again.

Serious relapse.
My leg looks like raw meat.
Scheduled to see a specialist Monday.
Nothing sooner.
All my leave days are used up.


Hope this manages to come out well.

What did they tell you to do between now and Monday?

Sorry to hear it. Get well soon.

I am so sorry you’re enduring this. I hope the next treatment is the one that does the trick and that it’s not too invasive or awful. Again, please keep us posted. We’re all pulling for you.

Brother we’re here for you. Keep posting.

Is ER an option? I’m not trying to scare you but…I’m not sure you want to wait until Monday - could be the difference between amputation and keeping your limb – worse, could be the difference between sepsis and shock, or not. I would get in touch with your PHP or someone, anyone, ASAP.

Do you have someone who can drive you somewhere, look after you?

Oh shit. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I agree with Asahi. Head to the ER and see if you can at least get treatment before Monday. I think this COVID wave is finally slowing. You might not be able to get a bed yet, but you should at least get treatment.

Re: Leave. If your company is large enough, they’ll be required to cover your short term disability. I hope that’s an option for you.

Keep us posted please.

This calls for the emergency room. Don’t wait any longer. They may well admit you if things look that bad.

Call 911 if you don’t have a ride.

I’m so sorry.

I agree with the others: don’t try to tough it out until Monday. Get it looked at as soon as possible. And let us know what you find out.

Adding another voice to the chorus. Please go to the ER. This can’t wait until Monday. The very best of luck to you, Bosda.

Yikes! Another vote for the emergency room. Best wishes.

I am sorry to hear you’re not better.