I got my annual review today

I got the highest possible rating in almost all categories. I’m in the top 5% of the employees. In every area I scored at least as high as my self-appraisal (which wasn’t self-effacing) and mostly my boss rated me higher. I got twice the raise that 95% of the other employees got (which still isn’t much, but I’m not complaining). Plus I got a $900 bonus, from a company that has never given a bonus before. Woo hoo for me!

Okay, brag over. I just had to tell someone, since we really can’t tell other employees what we’re getting.


In our annual reviews, the best we can get is “satisfactory”. The reasoning is that they don’t want us to think we don’t need to improve.

It’s better than when you’re in your evaluation period, though. Then the best you can do is “average”. I am not making this up.

Same in my last job. You were NOT allowed to excel in more than two areas. :confused: :dubious: :smack:

Congrats, StGermain! I just got my annual review on Monday. They just started the self-evaluation thing this month, and mine and my supervisor’s reviews were dead on. I also got the highest raise possible. No bonus, but we get bonuses every May and November, and they’re usually pretty darn good.

In my company, 75% of the employees are supposed to be “meets expectations”. 10% should be “needs improvement”. 10% should be above average and 5% should be outstanding. They have all those ratios in place before reviews are ever done, and tell management this is how it’s going to be. I was in the outstanding category this time, but I’ll probably never see that again.

The odd thing is, it’s not that I’m that hard of a worker. I’m very efficient and innovative, so I don’t have to work so hard. I’m extremely good at coming up with Access and Excel solutions to existing procedures (which cost the company nothing) and have come up with macros and Access databases that have saved the company from having to hire at least 2 people. I like these extra projects because they’re fun and like doing puzzles.


So that “twice the raise that 95% of the other employees got” is what, like 3%?

Chimera - the raise pool was 2%. I got a 4% raise.

Boy, the word “raise” looks funny after a while.


How do you know what they’re saying is true? Unless you compare notes they can tell you anything. Time to get out your notes :slight_smile:

I have always disliked reviews because they are not real do to constraints like other people mentioned. I’ve never worked at a place where you can dispute your review and have it changed so what’s the point. All you can do is sign it or not.

I like Dilbert cartoon where Dilbert gets his review and the boss says he’s putting some negative stuff in, “just in case I ever need to fire you.”

Markxxxx - I know they told us months ago what the percentages at each score were going to be, and what the raise pool was determined at by Corporate. They set people’s expectations low early on and tell everyone that being “average” isn’t a bad thing.