I got MY Attack of the Clone toys. Have you?

They came out today. I’ve already dropped 215 bucks. Is that wrong?

I got “Jedi Starfighter” for my PS2. I’ll probably have to get some action figures, too. But I’ll wait until after I see the movie.

Hey! I just bought my Padme Amidala paper dolls! They’re beautiful!

I didn’t do the midnight madness thing, though now I kind of wish I did. I’ll be hitting the Wal-Mart after work.

I don’t collect action figures, but I will be buying AOTC LEGO models. I’ve dropped 30 bucks so far.

I got the beeping Artoo and the dress-up Threepio. I wonder if they’ll have the Destroyer Droids, since I missed them for TPM?

I was going to get the comic book, but not for $18.

Hell no! What a totally geeky, loser thing to do, waiting in line until midnight, just to but Star Wars toys! Now if it had been Star Trek toys, that would be a whole other story! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I only plan on getting the Episode II: Incredible Cross-Sections and E2 Visual Dictionary books by Curtis Saxton. He rated heavy SW weaponry at 200 gigatons per blast, which has caused a major ruckus amongst the sci-fi fan-nerds. Suddenly the Enterprise isn’t look all that powerful, 'Dave. :smiley:

I did the midnight madness thing. A lot of fun, as it gave us geeks an excuse to be…well, geeks.

Here’s the lowdown on the figures I have thus far:
Obi-Wan: nice figure, good likeness, has that cool “magnetic force” thing.
Anakin (Desert version): Nice POSE, but the lightsaber is glued to his arm. A little disappointing in that regard.
Padme: Her sculpt is a little annoying in that her “flip-up” arm makes for a lousy-looking shoulder.
R2D2: ARGH! Can’t Hasbro EVER make a perfect R2? This one has a nice “alarm” feature, but the center leg can’t retract and the head won’t pin.
C3P0: Kinda lousy coloring; has snap-on armor which looks cheesy on or off.
Mace Windu (Deluxe): Not bad, although his magnetic “force” attraction is weak. He comes with a collapseable battle droid that’s fun to disassemble.
Plo Kloon: Nice sculpt. Fun.
Kit Fisto: Same.
Boba Fett: Nice figure, nice accessories (his father’s helmet and backpack).
Jango Fett: Another nice figure. His built-in grappling hook is a little awkward, but otherwise well-done.
Jango Fett (Deluxe): Here’s where they screwed up. He’s got removable armor but NOT a removable helmet. He’s also got a colossal cavity in his back, which makes him look really stupid without his backpack.
Zam Wessel: Again, really nice figure. Her…um…magnetic feature is neat, although I’m puzzled why they made the figure this way. (I don’t wanna spoil anything.)
Battle Droid: Pretty standard, but with some neat electrical damage.
Super Battle Droid: Same. Fun.
Count Dooku (Deluxe): ARGH. I couldn’t find standard Dooku and got the “force flipping” version instead. He can’t stand independent of his base and his lightsaber is also attached to his hand. In retrospect, I would have held out for standard Dooku.

…oh, and the LEGO sets rock.

I went out Tuesday afternoon to grab some of the figures. I’m not crazy about the super-posed sculpts, but I guess that’s the way the wind’s blowing. I like action figures, not statues. Todd McFarlane, we need to talk, and don’t mind this aluminum bat behind my back.

Anyway, I walked into tmy local WAl-Mart and suddenly it was 1981 all over again. I have a very vivid memory of being in Lionel Playworld in 1981 and looking at a wall of action figures two miles long and 500 feet tall, and having to decide which two I was going to buy. It was like that all over again, really brought me back. I hope it lasts.

Anyway, I came out with Artoo, the Genosoan Warrior (rawk!), Captain Typho, Boba Fett, Dexter Jettster, the Female Tusken Raider, a Clone Trooper, and the unfortunately named but still very cool Kit Fisto.

I didn’t want to burn myself out and get them all at once. I think my next batch will complete the Jedi out there.

My mom bought me the ‘Battle of Geonisis’ and the smaller Obi-Wan figure with the magnetic assassin droid. I want the other Obi-Wan ones but I have no way of getting them right now. (Yes, I’m obsessed with Obi-Wan.) I definitely wanna get the novelization too.

That should be the “Battle of Geonosis” POSTER.

Series starts here–http://www.pvponline.com/archive.php3?archive=20020426

I assume it will be a week long series

Even vehicles?
6 items per customer sir

Ok - who’s coming to my neck of the woods next weekend to get this action figure?

[yes, it’s the second time today I’ve linked to it… I just think it’s a great in-joke!]

Okay, so I broke down this weekend and got the Super Battle Droid action figure. And the Jedi Starfighter vehicle.

I’m weak.:slight_smile:

They had BETTER have a portrait doll again, and a decent one at that.

I should warn everyone who is trying to stay away from spoilers that the toys are spoiler-riffic. The Zam Wessell figure has all kinds of spoilers, as does Hangar Duel Anakin.

Also, as usual, the idiot scalpers have already started trying to make them “rare”. They are claiming Count Dooku is shortpacked and rare, which is not true - none are shortpacked. Of course, the truth doesn’t matter, because the idiots buying them in bulk to scalp on ebay will artifically make them rare. I’ve been collecting these toys since the get-go and have never failed to pick any of them up at Wal-Mart for regular price. If you’re patient, you’ll get whichever one you want.

My brother is at it. We collect and sell trading cards, so he got a wax box. I haven’t seen any of the goodies yet, though. Oh–he’s also determined to see the movie on opening night.