I got my spy name. And I don't have fish in my pockets . . . Yet. . .

I just checked out the Wierd Earl here.

Get this, with “Robert Baran” I have been initiated as Cutlass Bass

Goddamn, I’m cool . . . James Bond, eat your heart out.
Falcon, there is a fish in my pocket. lurkernomore the “Ranger” says John MacLean went from Jersey to Dallas. . .

Informer Panda

I guess I must be infiltrating some Chinese organisation.

Well, with my full name I got Lancer Hare, but with the name people usually call me I got Lancer Beaver. :eek:
I think I’ll stick with the first one!

**Chocolate Rattlesnake **

Looks like i’m the gay spy in the group.

Informer Butterfly


With my username I got Crypto Plankton.

With my real name, I got Katana Bass.

I like the second one!

My code name is now… Chocolate Squirrel!

Or Lance Bumblebee as my real name…

You all have nothing to be ashamed of…for I have been assigned the codename of

Habitual Dung-Beetle

Eat your heart out.

I am Javelin Hawk

You may all quake with fear.

My real life name got me Liquid Manatee damn that sucks. My board name got me Ancient Elephant. Man they both suck.

But do they suck as much as “Land-Mine Koala”? I didn’t think so.

Atomic Rattlesnake checking in…eat you heart out guys…i have a cool-as-fuck-spy name and I know it!

I’m sorry y’all but I will gladly trade Habitual Dung-Beetle for anything else, Even Liquid Mantee.


Apparently, I’m the resident cryptoanalyst. Most of my variations got “Decoder Otter”, although I also came across “Humongous Meerkat” and “Affable Dung-Beetle”.

Which one do you guys think i otter use? :smiley:

I am: **Axehandle Orangutang **

Man I suck. :mad:

Infrared Cricket.

Now, just what heck am I supposed to do wish this? Check out heat signatures next time England plays Australia for the Ashes? What?!

Geeze,… all these sites I enter with the name “Dahlia Black” which I think in itself is a cool codename, in a morbid Hollywood 30’s or 40’s (so I’m a bit tipsy, fuck me) kind of way. If one of these sites told me I was a famous murder victim, I’d go away quietly or at least silently cheer they got the reference. I’ll try my REAL honest to god maiden name and see what gives me this time…but I do really like Atomic Rattlesnake. I’m not giving that one up!

Oh by all that is fucking holy NO! I am NOT Gigantic Camel! Bite my gigantic ass NO!

Second try, using my user name. I get: Grandmaster Octopus.

::evil plan-making voice::
Ye-e-ess, I can see possibilities with this one … heh, heh, heh …

Using my married name, I got Humongous Plankton

Umm…let’s try that one again…

Using my maiden name, I got Marionette Beetle

Okay, that’s a little better.

Using my screen name, I got Explosive Beaver

Wouldn’t that be a great name for a band?