I got my Star Trek - TAS collection today!

UPS just dropped off my Star Trek - The Animated series collection, just in time for some good holiday viewing-ness. Thank you, Great Bird of the Galaxy! Thank you, Paramount! Who cares if it’s animated? It was pretty good for Saturday morning TV. Who cares if it’s not canon? Some of it should be. Yesteryear, Albatross, and The Slaver Weapon can stand with the best TOS episodes. TAS gave us Kirk’s middle name, “Tiberius,” and Amanda’s last name, “Grayson.” It was also the only time Kirk ever uttered the words, “Beam us up, Scotty.” Who cares if the actors phoned in their performances? Who cares if Chekov is MIA? I haven’t seen most of these episodes since the 70’s. I have 11 hours worth of Star Trek that is practically brand-new and a long holiday weekend to catch up on it.

Sit long and prosper! :smiley:

Had some reall good scripts, but also some goofy ones. I’d like to see someone spruce up
the effects like they are doing with the Original (live action) Series…

Got mine the other day, but haven’t cracked it open yet. Alan Dean Foster did a real good job with the novelizations too.

Some of it is – Spock’s backstory as portrayed in *Yesteryear * is considered canon and many of its elements have been incorporated into later live-action episodes.

I don’t quite get you. “Spruce up the effects” in an animated cartoon? How? Yes there are glitches that could be fixed. For example, I noticed shots of Christine wearing a red uniform in one episode and even one shot of her wearing a blue uniform with a red sleeve. :eek: Or the pink tribbles could be changed. (According to David Gerrold, that was a result of Hal Sutherland, Filmation’s animation director, being color blind.)

For the most part the scenery is more colorful and exotic than normal Saturday morning fare. Enterprise’s fourth season Vulcan story-arc borrowed heavily from “Yesteryear” for scenery and the animations of the Enterprise are fantastically detailed in close ups. I don’t know how you would “enhance” cel and paint animation of the type Filmation does. Maybe with a program like Maya or something similar. True CGI enhancement of a Saturday morning cartoon would be jarringly out of place.