Animated Star Trek

Anybody know if the animated series is available anywhere? I saw all of them but BEM when they aired.

They’re long out of print. However, there’s always E-bay

I got lucky and found a complete set of the laserdiscs.

the cable channel TV Land used to air them on Saturday mornings.

I thought Lt. M’ress was da bomb.

Yes, I am an Anthrofan.

Yesteryear was written by DC Fontana and outranked nealy half of TOS episodes. I bought a box of books at a yard sale and most of the Star Trek Log books were in there.

Classic epsiode. It’s Canon as far as I’m concerned.


Download either imesh, or morpheus, and then look for Star Trek TAS (The animated series).

Somebody stated to look on ebay and pay money. Pay? Hahahaha!

P2P forever


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I met a woman who has the entire Star Trek animated series on tape, I think it’s two episodes per tape. I remembered watching it as a child and I knew that some rather famous SF authors had a part in writing some of the episodes, but seeing the show as an adult it was really too wretched for any response other than laughter.

I’ll just officially second what Dave said.

Harry Lime

And as far as the powers that be are concerned too!

I remember it from Nickelodeon. that three legged dude was freaky!

WHA?! “Yesteryear” is canon?! I never knew that… huh.

The television show must have come off better than the novel adaptations that I’ve read… with maybe one or two exceptions, every single one of the Animated Series novelizations I read was absolutely horrendous, “Yesteryear” among them.

I do love DC Fontana’s Romulan novelizations though. They’re must-reads for any fan of the Rihannsu.

I’ve got the whole series. It took some doing; I got them from three places: Amazon, half dot com, and Movies Unlimited.

I used to think the holodeck was a Next Gen invention until I saw an animated episode called “Practical Joke” (if memory serves). And by God, Sulu, McCoy, and Uhura were spending time in one!

Complete hijack, but I wish I still had my Colorforms set for TAS. I’d be rich! :slight_smile:

Well, it was definitely a kids show, but there are good bits. There were 22 episodes numbered 1-11 and 13-23 and the series was released on 11 video tapes some years ago. I got my set off eBay a couple years ago; at the time, a complete set was running maybe $50 (but mine were a lot cheaper! ;)).


I think that your thinking of Rihannsu novels of Diane Duane. Here is a bibliography of her novels from her website.

Hand-made Lt. M’ress action figure.

Another H/M action figure

Lt. M’ress’s bio


And two Alternative Trek/Animated series you’ve never seen


I have a cel from the series of the Enterprise. Do you want to look at that?

Thanks, all. I did locate some of the tapes. I’ll let you know if they’re as I remember them from 1976.