I got pigs feet now what?

I like to experiment with things I don’t ordinarily eat. I tried Haggis (with neeps and taters), pork hock (not so good, but the stew is fine) and beef liver (tasted meh but smelled like a barn). I bought a jar of Hormel pigs feet today. They look like they should be cooked or something. Do I just chomp on these things as is or what?

No doubt most of this jar is going in the trash, but I really need to know how to eat pigs feet.

Cook them, yes!

Are they salted? pickled?

Salted pig feet are very common around here and people use them to add the mandatory ration of pork that should be in all bean dishes. Just wash and rinse well to remove the excess salt and add them to the beans while they cook. It is basically a bacon substitute. They take a long long time to cook.

Once done, you just bite into them. I am not too crazy about them. It is mostly connective tissue, fat and cartilage. If you are the kind of person who eats the cartilage off the chicken drumsticks, you are going to love pig feet. Otherwise, just add them for flavor and leave them behind when you eat the beans.

If they are pickled, then I got nothing.

If they are smoked, buy a mess of collard greens.

Pickled? I got nothing.

A neighborhood pub I used to go to had a big jar of pickled pig’s feet on the bar, and I had one a few l times. They do have a lot of cartilage and connective tissue, so I didn’t eat the whole thing, only the meatier bits. But those bits were delicious. (They also had a jar of pickled eggs, which were also quite good).

I’ve seen jars of them in grocery stores, but after trying pickled eggs from the grocery store and finding they were tasteless compared to the pub type, I didn’t try the pig’s feet.

If the ones in your jar are pickled (and I’m sure it will say so on the jar), you just eat them as is.

Go see a doctor now! :smiley:

Seriously, now… My grandmother used to make pork jelly with fresh pig’s feet. I didn’t eat it, but it smelled nice (garlicky, mostly). Here is a recipe, if you want to try.

They’re pickled, so don’t cook them. PatriotGrrrl is right – the dark meaty bits are the best, but I also like the chewiness of the skin, as long as the fat layer isn’t too thick.